"My advice to anyone who has a personal injury claim is to take my lesson to heart: I learned that it is a LOT BETTER to fight for what is rightfully due you than to listen to the adjuster and take the easy quick money.

"My adjuster offered less than half of the $100,000 policy limits that was due me. SettlementCentral.Com gave me ALL THE FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS and confidence I needed to receive FULL policy limits for my claim. Imagine my joy at realizing that I saved a FULL $33,333 in ATTORNEY FEES!"

"Since my experience I felt it my obligation to inform people about what I learned from SSC. Reminding them that no one is giving us anything, we have paid hefty premiums to cover our losses should we find ourselves in such unfortunate circumstances.

"It has been depressing to learn that people are so willing to trust the adjusters (via the TV ads, no doubt) and to settle for so little in comparison to what is rightfully theirs and with so little effort. The laws are cut and dry regarding what is due the injured insured. SSC leaves no stones unturned in educating the injured of what is rightfully due them.

"I sent this testimonial on my own for the benefit of people just like me who wonder whether or not they can make a good insurance settlement using SettlementCentral.Com.

"No one paid me to do this--it is something I am doing as a service to all those who are in the same boat as I was: injured, but not willing to hire an attorney, and wondering if there is any way I could make a good settlement on my own. If you are willing to put in a little effort to learn the tips and tricks from SCC, and to use some of the many ideas and forms and examples provided to you, then YES, you CAN and SHOULD use SettlementCentral.Com for your personal injury insurance claim settlement.


"In December of 2001, I was rear-ended by a negligent driver. The driver’s insurer tried to settle many times. He offered what he said was his “VERY TOP AND LAST DOLLAR AMOUNT”, but I was not convinced and I refused to take the bait. The adjuster was trying to get me to accept a quick payment, and he argued that it was in my best interest to do so.

"It was the beginning of my 4th year and the deadline for my statute of limitation was quickly nearing December 2005. The idea of paying one-third to an attorney was distasteful to me. I began searching the Internet for help in writing my demand letter. I read articles and testimonials about many of the books available online. Many of which conveyed materials that were not helpful to me at all or I already knew some of the information. There were many books and articles to choose from but the more I read about what SCC offered I thought it would be worth a try because nothing was so complete and user friendly as SSC.

"I made my choice and joined Settlement Central.Com. I realized that the membership fee was nothing in comparison to what I was going to benefit from a more accurate settlement, and words cannot explain the confidence I gained from their website. Joining SCC was a membership and they were there for their members if you had a question

"I knew that my claim was valued at more than what they were offering, and using SettlementCentral.Com I more than doubled their offer, and received policy limits of $100,000.

"Fear is a reality when you are facing a decision that will impact you for the rest of your life. Knowledge replaces fear and I know God led me to their website. I gained the boldness to understand who I was in this claim. I was the injured person and I did NOT need to be intimidated by an insurance adjuster, and I needed to know what to say and not to say to an adjuster during the negotiation process. I was the one who had the right to reclaim what I had lost.

"I learned from SSC what I could expect from the adjuster and the tactics he or she would use to intimidate me. I know that anyone can settle their claim if they follow the guidelines SCC attorneys have established for their members. They are honest and upfront in every way. They explain the pros and cons and explain why you should or should not handle something in a particular way. There is NO book that can do this in such depth.

"While I was in the process of developing my demand letter, I needed more information than what was available at that time on the website because I had a more complex claim. They immediately went to work on the information I needed. Within 24 hours I had the information available to me. This was at no charge since it is part of their guarantee.

"Without any reservation I would recommend SCC to anyone who is in need of professional help in resolving a personal injury claim. The newsletter that comes for free is a great tool also. They are just a click away at www.SettlementCentral.Com.

"I highly recommend SCC to anyone who is using an attorney to settle their suit as well. SCC will educate you on the information that you need to supply to the attorney. Attorneys have many clients and to them you are just another client. You will glean most valuable insight from SCC and you will more intelligently know how and what to discuss with your attorney. Just remember you can keep the attorneys fees for yourself, if you will just follow the step by step guidelines to settle your claim on SettlementCentral.Com.

"SCC is a fantastic organization that is to be commended and shared with others. Great Job! Thanks for your help."

Donna B. Davidson
St. Petersburg, Florida 33707

"P.S. If you are thinking of hiring an attorney, be sure to learn from my mistake and read how I lost $70,000 in attorney fees.

"Once I settled with the negligent driver’s insurance for policy limits of $100,000, the second part of my claim was versus my own insurance company under my Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM). Because I had hit a block versus my own company and in light of the fact we were running short on the statute of limitations deadline, I hired an attorney. Read how the attorney took advantage of me here, and learn about personal injury attorney fee abuse

"P.P.S. Please note that in order to protect my privacy in this age of unauthorized Internet contacts, I have directed that my name and city be changed. However, if anyone does have a legitimate reason to contact me for more information about SettlementCentral.Com, I have authorized them to forward any email to me. I promise to respond. Just use the "contact us" block and SCC will send me your email."