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Personal Injury Claim Help ONLINEWhy did you click onto this page? Are you hoping to get some guidance from experienced attorneys so you can settle your own personal injury insurance claim?
Then follow this START HERE page to learn about how www.SettlementCentral.Com can help you settle your own personal injury insurance claim-whether it be from a car accident, dog bite or slip and fall accident.

FIRST- WHAT EXACTLY IS WWW.SettlementCentral.Com?

We are personal injury attorneys and insurance adjusters who have put together a powerful guide to maximum settlement of personal injury insurance claims. We are not an eleemosynary institute; hence we offer six month access to our site for a fee of $99.95.
Since it is perfectly legal to settle your own personal injury claim in all 50 states, and since we know the secrets of how to get the biggest personal injury insurance claim settlements, we have worked hard to put together this website to enable you to have the power to settle your own injury claim.
Are you willing to do some work to save a ton of money? Good, then just think how you will feel when you get YOUR OWN insurance settlement check, without sharing any of your award with attorneys.
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Take advantage of our unique program that allows you to beat the insurance companies at their own game! You pay only $99.95 and get all the guidance and forms and letters needed to settle your own personal injury insurance claim. Find something missing that would help you settle your claim? Your Guarantee is that we will create it for you at no additional cost.
What is the risk? NOTHING but your membership fee, which would not even buy you half an hour with an attorney-assuming you could ever find one who would be willing to part the curtain of secrecy and show you how to do your own claim. "Consultation"-paying a hourly fee for advice-is NEVER EVER available for personal injury guidance.
Attorneys will not give-or even sell-any substantive advice on how to do your own claim: taking one-third of the personal injury insurance settlement is their bread and butter.
"Representation" is where they make their money by taking a percentage of your settlement award. They only want to represent you, never to help you figure out how to do it yourself. Those "initial free consultation" ads you see everywhere are a simply come-on, designed to get you into their office, where they will pressure you to sign up for representation at one-third of the insurance settlement.
Don't fall for the attorney office trap-at least not until you have tried to settle your own claim using all the award-winning demand letters, forms, templates and information available at www.SettlementCentral.Com. (Hey, even if you do not actually settle the claim, we teach you how to get an offer and bring it into the attorney's office and get a huge discount on personal injury attorneys' fees.)
As a member of WWW.SettlementCentral.Com you will learn:
  • The secrets of insurance adjusters: since we ARE attorneys, insurance adjusters, and doctors, www.SettlementCentral.Com knows very well what is needed to overcome the tricks of the insurance adjusters to achieve a top dollar insurance settlement.
  • The latest tips to put together a winning demand letter, your key to maximizing your insurance settlement.
  • Effective strategies to turn your claim into one the insurance adjuster has to honor with a fair settlement offer.
Become a member today, and get started on the road to success in recovering the maximum allowed by law for your injuries.
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What's the risk of joining www.SettlementCentral.Com? And what are the probable rewards of a six month membership for only $99.95? The reward is to SETTLE your claim WITH ASSURANCE, and to put your entire personal injury insurance claim settlement in your own pocket, and NOT ONE DOLLAR of it to the attorney's pocket!
Your only risk is that for $99.95 www.SettlementCentral.Com may not have the information or the forms that you need for your insurance injury claim. BUT, we guarantee that if there is anything we do not have on our site that you need to process your insurance claim, we will create it for you at no charges, or give you your money back.
That is our guarantee of satisfaction with the extent of our content.
Naturally, we cannot guarantee that the insurance company will pay your claim at top dollar. There are just too many factors in each case, not the least of which is the insurance company that you are dealing with.
But "Dr. Settlement" knows from 28 years of experience how to maximize your personal injury insurance claim! All together, our attorneys and insurance adjusters at www.SettlementCentral.Com have nearly 150 years of experience in successful settlement of personal injury insurance claims.
Isn't that what you want-some AUTHORATIVE HELP to get the full insurance settlement you deserve, free from attorneys' fees? It is your body that was injured, why would you want to share one-third of your insurance settlement with someone who has no more "magic" than you do?
OK, then, let Dr. Settlement and our crew show you how to achieve your maximim personal injury settlement.
Did you know that practicing attorneys purchase memberships at www.SettlementCentral.Com? Yes, attorney members use our information and forms in their own practices and on their own injury claims! If our stuff is good enough for attorneys to buy it, wouldn't you agree that it is good enough to help you? A six month membership is only $99.95 total, for everything.
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