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Animal bites

Damages to be paid by the dog owner
Dangerous Breeds
Defenses to Liability
Handling the First Call from the Insurance Adjuster in your dog bite or dangerous Animal
Physical Evidence and Documentation
Preserve the evidence after an animal bite/injury
Questions to Expect From the Insurance Adjuster in a Dog Bite or Dangerous Animal Personal Injury Claim
The Value of Photographs in Proving Your Dog Bite or Vicious Animal Personal Injury Claim
Who Pays Medical Expenses--Animal Bite?
Witness Statement Letter - Dog Bite (Formal)


Arguments to Reduce the Amount of the "Recovery Fund" To which the Attorney's Fee Percentage Will be Applied
Attorney Negotiation Script—Ideas You Can Use To Obtain The Most Favorable Fee Structure
Completion of Case
Duties of Client
Existing Offer
Extended Form Contract
Frequently Asked Questions Re: Attorneys
Get an Offer First and Save Thousands of Dollars If You Finally Have to Hire an Attorney
How To Hire An Attorney
How to Negotiate the Attorney's Fee Percentage
How to Select An Attorney For Representation
Introduction To Subrogation; Save by Requiring Insurer To Pay Its Share of Costs and Fees of Recovery
Mahler vs. State Farm
Missed Appointment Letter
Petition to Set Attorney's Fees
Rules of Professional Conduct
Sample Contracts
Secrets of Negotiating the Best Deal With Your Attorney
Simple Form Contract
State Bar Associations
Suggested Contract Clauses
Table Demonstrating How Easy it is to SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on Your Attorney's Fees, Even in Medium Size Cases
Termination of Professional Services Agreement
Use SettlementCentral.Com For a "Second Opinion" (Except on Legal Matters)
What Questions to Ask

Car accidents

Car Accident Introduction
Important Considerations
Initial Letter to a Witness
LOC Accident Form
Letter Providing Post Accident Supplementary Information
Quick Witness Note
Witness Introductory Script


1. Placing A Value On Your Claim
10. What can I do to be more assured I have placed a legitimate value on my claim?
2. There is no Accepted "Secret" Formula for Valuing Claims. Stay Away From Any Book Peddler or Any Internet Site That Promises to Use or to Reveal a Secret Formula; That is Just Marketing Fluff.
3. Ultimately, the Value of all Claims is Tied to Trial Results of Many Cases Already Decided; Their Results Determine the Range of Value of One's Claim; Stay Away From "Jury Verdict Reports", and Hire an Attorney if One is Used Against You.
4. What Factor Does Litigation Risk Play in Valuation of a Claim?
5. What are "Damages", and How do I Compute Them?
6. Computation of General Damages by General Rule-of-Thumb Formula; Use of Modifying Factors
7. List of the Factors That Will Increase or Decrease the Value of a Claim, in Order of Significance
8. Examples of Multiplier Formula, With Use of Modifying Factors
9. Comments Regarding the TABLE

Contacting an attorney

Always Keep Alive the Threat That you WILL go to Court if Necessary to get a Fair Result
Be Forearmed for the Adjuster's Phone Call
Contacting an Attorney
Letter Requesting Supervisor's Contact Information
Professional Attitude Sets the Tone for Successful Negotiations
Rid Yourself of Fear and "Lower the Screen of Anxiety"
Six secret strategies to successfully MAXIMIZE your personal injury insurance compensation award
Use settlement leverage to Increase Your Award

Demand letters

Easy Demand Letters
LETTER- Disputed Liability Defense to Subrogation Claim by Your Insurer
LETTER- Medical Treatments Not Accident-Related Defense to Subrogation Claim by Your Insurer
LETTER- Proven Comparative Negligence Defense to Subrogation Claim by Your Insurer
LETTER-Policy Limits Settlement Defense to Subrogation Claim by Your Insurer
Letter Sample When No Response to Demand Letter
Letter Supervisor Advance Copy of Insurance Commissioner
Letter to Insurance Adjuster When No Response
What to Do When No Response to Your Demand Letter

Demand letters/Animal bites

Complex Demand Letter
Demand Letter Examples
Demand Letter Formats
Easy Demand Letters
How Much Money Should I Ask For In My Demand Letter?
Placing a Value on Your Claim
Simple Demand Letter
Ten Easy Steps to Writing a Winning Demand Letter
Thorough Demand Letter

Demand letters/Auto accident

Demand Letter Examples
Demand Letter Formats
Easy Demand Letters
Placing a Value on Your Claim
Sample demand letter: Front collision
Sample demand letter: Rear-end collision
Sample demand letter: Side collision
Store Post-accident Supplementary Letter
Ten Easy Steps to Writing a Winning Demand Letter
Thorough format demand letter
When Should You Send Your Demand Letter?

Demand letters/Slip & fall

10 Easy Steps to Writing Your Demand Letter
Complex Demand Letter Format
Demand Letter Examples
Demand Letter Formats
How Much Money Should I Ask For In My Demand Letter?
Placing a Value on Your Claim
Sample demand letter: Ladder
Sample demand letter: Loose toilet seat
Sample demand letter: Slippery substance
Simple Demand Letter Format
Thorough Demand Letter Format

Demand letters/Slip and Fall

How Much Money Should I Ask For?


Document Document Document
Handling the First Call From the Insurance Adjuster in Your Slip and Fall or Dangerous Property Liability Injury Claim
Handling the First call from the Insurance adjuster
Physical Evidence and Documentation
Physical Evidence and Documentation Necessary to Prove Your Premises Liability or Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claim
Questions to Expect From an Insurance Adjuster in the Event You Give a Recorded Statement
Questions to Expect From an Insurance Adjuster in the Event You Give a Recorded Statement
The Value of Photographs
The Value of Photographs In Proving Your Premises Liability or Unsafe Real Property Condition Personal Injury Claim


Embarrassment Just After the Accident
Introduction to Evidence
Sample Witness Statements
Take Time to Observe Carefully
Tips on Interviewing an Insured's Employees
When and How to Make a Written Store Report
When and How to Take Photographs and Make Measurements
Witness Checklist For Premises Liability
Witness Statement: Premises Liability; Firsthand Knowledge of Danger; Pain; Treatment by Store Manager
Witness Statement: Premises Liability; Firsthand Knowledge of Danger; Pain; Treatment by Store Manager

Free information

A Dog Bite Sample Demand Letter for personal injury claim
Accident Personal Injuries: Powerful Demand Letter by Documenting and Learning Accident Medical Impacts
Alternative Medicine
An Overview of the Law of Torts
Answer to the Insurance Adjuster Settlement Offer: The Second Salvo Letter
Are You Trespassing Taking Photos?
Areas of Assistance
Attorney Math
Attorney's Subrogation Efforts
Attorneys for Consultation
Attorneys for Representation
Auto Repairman Witnesses
Bar Associations (All States)
Before the Accident or Injury – What You Should Know
Bites and Other Injuries from Animals
Bush Seeks Limit On Malpractice Jury Awards
Buying Motor Vehicle Insurance
Carpet Runner Demand Letter
Checklists – What to Do, When to Do It
Chiropractic Assistant PSPs
Chiropractors vs Traditional Medicine vs Alternative Medicine
Compare with "Competition"
Compensation For Members And Visitors
Confirmation Letters
Contact Witnesses Soon
Demand Letter Central—Entry Gateway for Insurance Claim Demand Letters
Demand Letters: Introduction
Disposable Camera
Do NOT Tell the Insurance Adjuster or Doctors about Your Confidential Personal Diary
Do Not Make Little of Your Injuries
Document Everything!
Early Treatment Helps Prove Your Injuries Were Caused by the Accident
Easily Save Thousands of Dollars in Attorney Fees
Easy Settlements
Evidence to Support Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim of Premises Liability, Slip and Fall, Defective Stairway, Loose Carpet, and Similar Personal Injury Claims
First Aid at the scene of an auto accident, dog bite, slip and fall
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Good Patient Records
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How to Answer Questions Properly
How to Ask Questions Till You Get the Answers
How to Finesse a Manager's Report
How to Photograph in a Store and Elsewhere
If it's not in the medical records, it didn't happen.
Independent Insurance Medical Examiner
Injury Treatment Specialist PSPs
Insurance "Independent" medical examinations (IME)
Insurance - Theirs
Insurance - Yours
Insurance Adjuster PSPs
Insurance Claim Adjuster Secret Tactics Unlocked: BIG Injury Claim Settlements
Introduction to Subrogation
Join Now - Thanks for Joining
Letter Rejecting Unsolicited Settlement Check
Letter Rejecting Unsolicited Settlement Offer (without check)
Letter and Interrogatory Demanding Release of Policy Limits Information
Letter re: IME Scheduling
Letter to Adjuster re: Palliative vs Curative
Letter to Insurance Adjuster After Claim Was Denied (Dog Bite)
Letter to Witness
Letters to Doctor Correcting Medical Records
Loose Toilet Seat Demand Letter
Loss of Consciousness After Accident or Injury
Managing Your Medical Care
Maximize Your Injury Award!
Medical Assistant PSPs
Medical Care Documentation—the Key to Successful Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlements
Medical Care Provider Liens
Medical Doctor PSPs
Motor Vehicle Deaths Drop For First Time In 6 Years; Seat Belt Use Cited
Negotiated Settlements
Newsletter-Settle It Yourself!
No Legal Advice
No Medicine - No Money
Notes and Note-taking
Notification Letters
PSP Program Scrapped; Five Alternatives Suggested
Payment of Medical Expenses and Wage Loss as Incurred
Personal Injury Attorneys and Insurance Claims Adjusters at SettlementCentral.Com Make it Simple and Easy to Settle Your Injury Claim: Do It Yourself and Save
Personal Injury Claim Diary
Photographs at the Scene
Photographs to Preserve Evidence
Physical Evidence
Post-accident Supplementary Letter (LOC)
Premises Liability (Slip or Trip and Fall Accidents, etc…)
Preserving Evidence For Personal Injury Claims Accident
Privacy Policy
Professional Help For Personal Injury Insurance Claims Settlements
Property Damage Settlement Check To Be Limited in Scope, Not a General Release
Questions to Expect
Quick Witness Note
Recorded Statements to Insurance Adjusters
Recover Lost Wages in Personal Injury Insurance Claim
Report Every Contact Made by Your Body (Even If No Apparent Injury)
Request for Medical Report
Request for Wage Loss Records in the case of personal injury claim
Request for medical records in personal injury insurance claims
Rules of the Games: Medical Care Documentation and Insurance
Safety Data Give SUVs Poor Grade In Rollover Tests
Sample Letter Providing Post-accident Supplementary Information
Sample Witness Statements
Say Little, Observe Much
SettlementCentral.Com Chiropractor Network:1. Attract New Patients with Free INTERNET EXPOSURE;2. Refer Patients for Insurance Claim Do It Yourself Help Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists and Other Injury Treatment Specialists
Should I Talk to My Doctor About My Legal Claim?
Should I sign the Authorization for Release of Medical Records sent by the insurance adjuster?
Site Passwords
Slip and fall demand letter for personal injury insurance claim
Slip-and-fall Exiting Restaurant on Ramp Demand Letter
Speech By Atla's Past President Mary Alexander: Fighting The "Frivolous" Trial
Statutes of Limitations (All States)
Store Employee Witnesses
Store Post-accident Supplementary Letter
Study Finds Fault With Many Cars' Head Restraints
Take the Time to See Everything Around You
Teacher Witnesses
Testimonial Value: Chiropractors vs Orthopedic Surgeons
Testimonials - Animal Bites
Testimonials - Automobile Accidents
Testimonials - Bicycle Accidents
Testimonials - Motorcycle Accidents
Testimonials - Outdoor Injuries
Testimonials - Premises Injuries
Testimonials - Slip-and-fall Injuries
Thanks for printing Accident Information Form
Thanks for your note to our Webmaster
The First Two Weeks After the Accident
The case of an settlement offer from the insurance claim adjuster: How to respond?
The temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMJ (jaw joint) personal injury
Traditional Medicine vs Alternative
Trial Lawyers Associations
Types of Cases Best Handled by an Attorney
Uniform Building Code
Uniform Playground Standards
Use Your Own Insurer If Third Party Adjuster Seeks Reduction for Your Fault
Various Letters to Adjuster
Vehicle Diagnosis/Repair/Replacement - Who Pays?
What Should You Do If You Gave a Recorded or Written Statement To The Adjuster Early-on After The Accident?
What are "Costs"? (Currently Called "Costs")
What to Photograph
Whiplash: What Is It and What to Do About It
Who We Are
Why Do It Yourself?
Why Hire an Attorney
Witness Checklists in Personal Injury Claim Accident
Witness Ideas
Witness Statement - Rear-end Collision (Formal)
Witness Statement Format
You MUST Correct Errors in Your Personal Injury Medical Records and Doctor Reports
Your Opportunity To Be Part Of The Internet Commerce Revolution!
e-mail to find new chiropractor

Free information/5 easy steps

5 Easy Steps - Step 1
5 Easy Steps - Step 2
5 Easy Steps - Step 3
5 Easy Steps - Step 4
5 Easy Steps - Step 5
5 Easy Steps to Do-it-yourself Settlement
Personal Injury Attorneys and Insurance Claims Adjusters at SettlementCentral.Com Make it Simple and Easy to Settle Your Injury Claim: Do It Yourself and Save

Free information/Attorneys

"Why are my attorney's fees so high?"
Attorney Horror Stories
Attorneys - overview

Free information/Auto injury

Accident Information Form
Auto Accident Injury: Questions You Will Be Asked
Auto Accident Injury: What Can You Do?
Car Accidents: Handling the Accident Scene & Your Damaged Vehicle (Part 1)
Take a Settlement Offer to an Attorney

Free information/Cases best handled by an attorney

Cases Best Handled by an Attorney
Cases Best Handled by an Attorney
Cases Best Handled by an Attorney-page 3
Cases Best Handled by an Attorney-page 4
Cases Best Handled by an Attorney-page 5
Cases Best Handled by an Attorney-page 6
Types of Cases Best Handled by an Attorney

Free information/Colossus

Colossus Letter to State Insurance Commissioner (Insurance Adjuster Did Not Respond)
Colossus Letter to State Insurance Commissioner (Insurance Adjuster's Response Unsatisfactory)
Colossus References
Follow-Up Letter to Adjuster Re: Colossus
How does it work?
Letter To The Adjuster Regarding Colossus
What is Colossus?
What should you do?

Free information/Do it yourself

Do-It-Yourself Personal Injury Claims; Eliminate Attorneys' Fees; Save Thousands of Dollars Settling Your Own Insurance Claim
Sometimes you need an attorney
Why you do not need an attorney in most cases
You will save a lot of money doing it yourself
You will save time and hassle doing it yourself

Free information/Types of injuries

Animal Bite Prevention: What Can I Do in Advance?
Bicycle Injury: Introduction
Dog Bite/Other Animal Bite Injury: Introduction
Pedestrian Injury
Premises Injury: Introduction
Product Liability Injury
Slip-and-fall Injury: Introduction
What type of INJURY do you suffer from?
Workers' Compensation Injury

Free information/What is SettlementCentral.Com?

Confidence to Speak Up for Yourself
I settled my own claim - you can, too!
Relief From the Worry of Not Knowing What's Going On
Rules of the Game
Rules of the Game page 2
Settlement Negotiations
Successful Negotiations
What Is a Settlement, Anyway?
You've been injured … Now What?

Free information/Why join SettlementCentral.Com?

Join Now - Credit Card Information
Join Now – Price
Join Now!
Member Benefits
Terms and Conditions of Membership
What SettlementCentral.Com can do to help you settle your own personal injury insurance claim
Why Use


Damaging Effect of First Party IME on Third Party Claim
Health Insurance IME Advantages
IME Abuse
Overview and Background
Stress as a "Finding" in an IME Report
Third Party Knowledge of First Party IME
Three Purposes of IME Reports
What To Do About The Ominous IME Letter Issued by Your Own Insurance Adjuster
What Will the Doctor Look For in the IME?
Why do First Party Carriers (Your Own Company) Request IMEs for Their Insureds?
Your first FIVE choices when confronted with a demand for an INSURANCE "INDEPENDENT" MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS (IME)

Insurance adjusters

Contacting Your State Insurance Commissioner
Contacting an Attorney
Going Above the Head of the Adjuster
Letter Requesting Supervisor's Contact Information
Maintain a Positive Relationship With the Adjuster
Talking to the Adjuster's Supervisor or Home Office Representative
What if the adjuster really is a jerk and there is no way to earn his cooperation?

Medical care

Consequences of Failure to Report Pain to Your Doctor (Real Case Example)
More Questions: Which Doctor to Choose? What If I Have an HMO - Do I Have to See Its Doctors? What If It Won't Pay for a Chiropractor?
More on Doctor Selection
Referrals - How Do I Assure Accurate Medical Records If I Am Seeing a Number of Doctors?
The Insurance Trap With Regard to Payment of Medical Bills
Where should I go to get medical care?
Your Choices in Medical Care

Minor's claim

Are You Expected to Do This Yourself?
Can I Avoid Using Court Approval For Settlement of my Minor Child's Personal Injury Insurance Claim?
Can a Parent Pursue a Minor's Claim?
Can't the insurance company be required to pay?
Children's Negligence
Control of Minor's Award Funds in Blocked Account
Court Approval Required: Whether Claim Is Negotiated by You or by an Independent Attorney
Dog Bite/Other Animal Bite Injury: Minors
Examples of Letters to Adjuster to Get Agreement to Pay for Court Approval of Minor's Claim Settlement
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Court Approval for Minor Settlements
Handling the First Call from the Insurance Adjuster
Is an Attorney Required to Present the Minor Settlement for Approval?
Letter Petition For Release Of Minor's Blocked Funds
Minor Claims
Minor's Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlement—Court Approval Strategy and Negotiations for Payment of Costs
Order Authorizing Release of Minor's Funds
Passenger Injury: Minors
Pedestrian Injury: Minors
Petition for Appointment of Guardian ad Litem
Petition for Approval of Minor Settlement
Petition for Court Approval of Minor's Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlement
Petition for Court Approval of Minor's Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlement
Petition for Release of Minor's Funds
Pleading Petition for Release of Minor's Funds
Premises Liability Injury: Minors
Receipt for Expenditure of Minor's Funds
Structured Settlements: For All Large Settlements
Summary of Court Rules That Require Court Approval for Settlements of Minor's Personal Injury Insurance Claims
This seems like a difficult and long involved process. Maybe it was made for bigger claims than for my son. How can I avoid this whole hassle, because his injury is only going to settle for around $5,000?
What Are the Costs and Fees For This Process of Obtaining Court Approval for Settlement of a Minor's Insurance Injury Claim?
What if They Want to Use Their Own Attorney for Drafting the Petition, etc.?
Who Pays for This Approval Process
Who Will Be the Petitioner?
Why Does the Government Have to Get Involved in Everything We Do, and Whose Business is It Other Than the Family's Business?

Narrative reports

Confirmation Letter to Insurance Adjuster
Confirmation Letter to Your Doctor
How to Obtain a Narrative Report
How to Pay Little or Nothing For a Narrative Report
Letter Requesting a Narrative Report
Narrative Reports: Why, When, How to Obtain and How Much to Pay
When to Use a Narrative Report
Why Ask for a Narrative Report?


Adjuster: "My 'review committee' Set the Value of the Claim"
Bad Faith? Don't Threaten It![
Further Response to the First Offer; "Nibbling" at the Close of Negotiations; Tax Consequences
How do BI (Bodily Injury) Negotiations Work?
Learning and doing the negotiation dance
Silence is Golden in Negotiations.
What is the Best Response to Make After He Gives His Settlement Offer?
Your Response to the Adjuster's Offer of Settlement: The Second Salvo Letter

Premises liability

Claimant's Duties
Did the Landowner "Cause" The Dangerous Condition?
Duty of Landowner/Occupier
Duty of Landowner   
Evidence of Other Accidents at That Location
Example of No Handrail
Inside Premises – "Don't Know Why I Tripped"
Inside Premises – Carpet Ridged or Tack Strip Loose
Inside Premises – Where There Was a Slippery Substance
Inside Stores – Falling Goods
Miscellaneous In or Out of Premises – Trip Over Object on or in the Ground or Floor
Outdoor Stairs
Outside Premises – Hole in the Ground
Outside Premises – Residential – House or Apartment
Outside Premises – Residential – House or Apartment Porches
Outside Premises – Residential – House or Apartment Rotten Stairs or Deck
Parking Lot Slip and Falls
Premises Liability (Slip Or Trip And Fall Accidents, Etc
Some Standards for Claimants
Special Cases
Specific Examples of Premises Liability Accidents
Stairs – Inside and Out
Store Post-accident Supplementary Letter
What Should the Owner Reasonably Have Known About?


Do-It-Yourself Instructions (NOT recommended without the advice of a SettlementCentral.Com Attorney)
Get Your Attorney Involved in Subrogation Reduction
Get Your Attorney To Ask For One Check Only
How does Subrogation affects me?
Introduction: Subrogation
Real Life Example of Failure to Reduce Subrogation
Subrogation: deep background (not essential, but nice to know)


Bodily Injury Damages Useful Witness Tip—Auto Body Repairman Witnesses
Sample Witness Checklists
Store Employee Witnesses
Useful Witness Tip in the Case of a Dog Bite Involving Children

Your vehicle

Buying Your Vehicle Back
Expensive Vehicle? Consider an Independent Appraiser
How Much Is My Vehicle Worth?
Money for Recent Significant Improvements, But Not for General Maintenance
OEM Parts
Recovery for Your Damaged or Lost Personal Property
Salvage: Buying Back Vehicle or Parts, Tires, Stereo, etc.
UIM Claims for Your Personal Property
Vehicle Rental
Vehicle Repair
Vehicle Towing/Storage
Will You Be Reimbursed for New Tires, New Stereo, etc.?
Your Vehicle is Totaled