Highlight words on this page "You Gave Me The Power To Negotiate My Own Settlement"
"I am sending this after the email I received from you yesterday when I told you of my great success. You were so humble in your response to my gratitude, I thought I would send along a written expression of how empowered I feel after negotiating my own settlement.
"As I told your staff member, I am in the helping profession of health care, and I do not have an aggressive personality. So I did not know if I could do this on my own. I mean my Dad helped to buy my last car, even though I have been out on my own many years now. I just did not feel like hammering out a result against an adversary.
"But the way, your materials guided me, step by step, I was not only able to do this, I found out it was a lot of fun. I did use many of the six secret steps to success and some of your other tips, and thus I was prepared to deal with the insurance adjuster from a position of confidence.
"I was surprised, I guess I should say pleasantly surprised, at how easily everything fell together in dealing with the adjuster. It was like a scripted dance, only your helpful guidance took all of mystery out of how it would turn out: I won a big settlement!
"You may feel free to show this letter to anyone else who may wonder if she can actually settle her own claim."
Sherry Davidson
Fresno, CA

Successful Accident Injury Self Help Insurance Settlements USING www.SettlementCentral.Com

Happy With Settlement-"I SAVED TWENTY PERCENT off on Subrogation & Medical Lien"
"I wanted to say thank you for your website and all your help. I settled my claim myself. I had $5,975 in medical bills and $2,860 in lost wages. I received $15,500 for my total settlement.
"It went down to 5 days before the 2 year mark. I went above the final adjusters head and talked with her boss. I refused to deal with that adjuster and her threat of the "last and final offer". What a witch!!
"Anyway, I managed to get the company handling the subrogation to come off their price 20%. I also got my chiropractor to come off his bill 25%.. I did exactly what you advised, and just what an attorney would have done. My chiropractor was desperate and wanted his money after two years.
"I am so proud of myself. I did the research and the work. Had I signed with an attorney I would have received a LOT less.........I did it with your site and learned soooooo much. Thank you for your help."
Lorie Jacobs

Portland, Oregon
A note regarding TESTIMONIALS used at SettlementCentral.Com. Each and every testimonial posted is REAL and VERIFIABLE.
The testimonials addressed to Dr. Settlement, J.D. may be found among many hundreds of testimonials for him posted under his "questions answered" page at allexperts.com. All other testimonials were sent to SettlementCentral.Com via e-mail, and those documents have been preserved and verified by an attorney prior to posting on this site.

SCC Policy Limits & Subrogation Module
"Thank you David and SettlementCentral.Com-UIM is next for us. Once you pointed me in the right direction, I've been very pleased with your site. Last week I sent out three letters based on your templates--the assistance you've provided has been well worth the money spent, and I have already recommended your site to several other people with pending claims. I greatly appreciate your bringing this new material to my attention, as I am dealing with tortfeasor policy limits, UIM from my insurance company, and health insurance subrogation."
Best regards,
Michael Ludes
Retail Store Settlement
"I joined your site 6 months ago to help me resolve an injury claim with a major nationwide retail store. Using your demand letter, and other information you provide on your website, I was able to negotiate a very favorable settlement without using an attorney-100% of the award went into my pocket."
Thanks so much,
Yves Hebert
Upland, CA

Addressed to our own Internet insurance claim expert Dr. Settlement, J.D.: all KUDOS to Doctor Settlement will be found at allexperts.com
"Doctor Settlement, there are not enough words in the human language to let you know how thankful I am for your reply. This has been SO hard on me and between being embarrassed and just confused, it has been impossible for me to talk to friends or family about it for advice. You answered EVERY question with the exact answers I needed to hear to help me along.
"I cannot believe how the insurance industry works, especially for honest people who are not looking to make millions but really, just what is fair. I don't know how these adjusters sleep with themselves at night! But on the same note, I am thankful that I was able to find you to show me and explain to me how to "play her game". Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for taking the time to read my story, and point me in the right direction. I finally feel like someone knows what I am going through and how I feel. Thank you SO much!"
Lindsay E.
"Dear Doctor Settlement, Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I have been searching and searching for some of the information you made available to me. You have been of great assistance."
"I've read everything on the internet about these subjects, and yet one of Dr. Settlement's answers told me more than hours of Google searches. I just simply don't know how I can ever repay this kind gentleman."
"I found this web site to be full of diverse topics that are concise and extremely helpful. Both common and uncommon alike in an easy format to access. Many thanks to those responsible."


It Pays to Have Some Patience to Let the Body Heal Rather Than Taking a Quick Insurance Settlement
"Dear Dr. Settlement,
"If your website advice had not informed of the importance of being patient in my recovery, but to emphasize to be recovered as much as medically possible, I would have surely jumped into settlement very prematurely, thereby possibly losing many thousands of dollars in compensation.
"As the legal system becoming more and more closed to the public and with the many new anti-consumer laws being passed each legislative session, your site is invaluable to me. I am thankful for the information you impart, to a degree that cannot be easily put into words.
"With the utmost highest regards, thank you,"
Richard Beasley
"Attorney, What Attorney? We did it Ourselves This Time"

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I got particular pleasure out of settling my own injury claim using your instructions. Four years ago, my wife and I had struggled through using an attorney handling of her claim, and we decided not to go with an attorney again. He took huge fees for a settlement where WE did all the grunt work. Everything you said about attorneys-and much more-is true.
"Our guy promised us a quick settlement the day he had us sign up in his office. It seemed that he had a good history with insurance companies, and we were told that Joan's case would be done soon.
"Three years later we finally got her settlement. No, the case did not go trial-he just delayed and delayed. And this is no kidding: he had at least two dozen files on the floor behind his desk, ours among them. By the time she was finished treating with the doctors, our attorney had not even asked the doctors for their records. We called his office, but could never find him there and available to take our calls. Then he switched secretaries mid-stream, and Joan had to come in again and re-educate the new secretary.
"By contrast, when we used your service, it was almost a joyful experience. Things went smoothly with the adjuster because we just downloaded the various form letters you have, and then moved on to the next step toward my settlement. Whoever put this site together has his or her "stuff" together-everything made sense and worked well for us.
"We just wanted to say "Thanks", and to wish you and all involved the BEST!"
Timothy Murray
Providence, RI
"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! We Can Now Choose a Doctor of Our Choosing"
"My husband was hit by a pickup truck and we had no idea what to do about his injuries. For us, your medical care section was very helpful. We are in a health cooperative, and they wanted us to keep on their medical go-round.
"Until we read your medical care pages, we had no idea that we had the RIGHT to use our auto insurance policy to pay for a specialist of OUR OWN CHOOSING. Thanks for that guidance alone.
"What really made the process easier for me-because I was the one who had to keep track of everything-was the way you laid out everything in the diary form on the site. That was the best little helper when it came time to send in our demand letter-everything was just there for me to use.
"We just followed your directions, simple as 1, 2, 3-and we got an EXCELLENT settlement with just two phone calls! I hope we do not have to use you again very soon:, but we are still telling our friends what a service you provided."
Doris Haggerty
Salt Lake City, UT

Addressed to our own Dr. Settlement, J.D., acknowledged expert on injury settlements via insurance claims online instructions. All Doctor Settlement KUDOS will be found at allexperts.com
"WOW! Thank you so much for making laws and legal-speak so much clearer. Now I know what to do to fight back against a huge insurance company. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
"Thank you so much, I know this information is exactly what I needed. I am in sales and interior design, but recently became a certified paralegal. I will be able to use your information."
"Thank you again for the answers that you provided. The wealth of information on your website educated me enough to ask questions more efficiently than I could have otherwise."
"Doctor Settlement is the best! He provided extremely useful advice that is hard to find on the internet. All you see everywhere-and what everyone will tell you-is how important it is to obtain a lawyer for a personal injury case. I learned that for policy limits cases that you don't need a lawyer and can save lots of money. The information he provides is easy to understand for a layperson and he has a compassionate a humorous approach in helping others. He is obviously very knowledgeable. Thanks so much!"
"Thanks so much for your answer. This is a great service and I really appreciate your help. It helps empower consumers who often are at the mercy of insurance companies when it comes to making an accident claim."



Thinking of hiring a PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY? PROTECT yourself at time of contracting for attorney services. Save thousands of dollars in attorneys' fees. How to terminate your personal injury attorney and fight outrageous fees.
"My Attorney Charged Me $15,882 for a ONE SENTENCE Demand Letter!! So I hired an attorney without knowledge of the consumer rights instructions at www.SettlementCentral.Com: that turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE. Here is what happened to me-DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU."
"Find out in SettlementCentral's personal injury attorney contracting instructions how to fight for FAIR personal injury attorney fees."
"Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT advice. You are so encouraging, just the opposite of what I got from my own attorney. Two of the most specific helpful parts that I liked included getting my wife's witness letter and seeking the pressure from our insurance commissioner."

Here is yet another ATTORNEY WARNING: Read how the attorney took advantage of Donna Davidson, and learn about personal injury attorney fee abuse of client.

"SettlementCentral.Com gave me ALL THE FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS and confidence I needed to receive FULL policy limits for my claim. Imagine my joy at realizing that I saved a FULL $33,333 in ATTORNEY FEES!
"You can read the story of my success in using SettlementCentral.Com to settle my insurance claim against the tortfeasor in my testimonial. I learned a lot and followed instructions, and the result was a excellent insurance settlement." TESTIMONY of Donna B. Davidson: successful insurance injury settlement using www.SettlementCentral.Com

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