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Severe Whiplash and Soft Tissue Car Accident Injuries are Treated Most Effectively by Chiropractors, According to Our SettlementCentral.Com Members

  • Chiropractic is the Treatment of Choice for Serious Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries
  • More Likely to Understand and Support Your Pursuit of a Personal Injury Insurance Claim
  • More Likely to Work on a Lien Basis When Auto Insurance Refuses to Pay For Services
    • Find a Competent and Caring Chiropractor Near You
    • Tips for whiplash and soft tissue injury victims of car accidents in relationships with your chiropractor

SettlementCentral.Com is not "Pushing" Chiropractic; we Are Just Reporting What Works According to Our Members; nor Are We Paid for Listing the Doctors of Chiropractic Selected to be in Our SettlementCentral.Com Chiropractor Network-we do That as a Service to Our Visitors Who Need Competent Chiropractic Care With Their Severe Whiplash and Soft Tissue Car Accident Injuries

Our members have told us that they felt better faster and were able to stay pain-free for longer with chiropractic care for whiplash and soft tissue injuries than with general medical care. Medical doctors often just prescribe pain medicine to treat the symptoms, whereas chiropractors may have a better chance of getting to the source of the pain.
We decided to list competent, caring, and able chiropractors as a mutual benefit for both our visitors and for our doctors. We selected doctors who demonstrated an excellent history of caring for patients who were pursuing personal injury insurance claims.
By that we mean, the doctors were competent and caring in alleviating or entirely eliminating the source of the pain, AND that they showed an understanding of and sympathy towards the insurance claims process. They were cooperative in making additional notes or narrative reports, and did so without charging heavy fees for the writing.

Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Severe Whiplash and Soft Tissue Car Accident Personal Injuries: Assist on Making Personal Injury Insurance Claim Maximum Settlement

We hear from our members how "short" their medical doctors are with them when they continue to report pain from severe whiplash and soft tissue injuries from car accidents. The orthopedic surgeons are the worst for whiplash and soft tissue injuries because their money is made in surgery, not in office consultations. When you come in for the third time complaining about how your work aggravated your whiplash or soft tissue injury, you are considered baggage to that office-UNLESS, of course, you might be a candidate for surgery. What kind of support in the doctor's records do you think the orthopedic surgeon will give to someone who cannot heal from whiplash or soft tissue injuries notwithstanding the pills and physical therapy the doctor prescribed?

By contrast, most chiropractors are supportive of the personal injury claims process. Some of them have told us that they see it as their job to help their patients recover, both physically and financially. That does not mean that they will make up false information: instead what it means is that they will write good thorough reports of the severity of your whiplash and soft tissue injuries so you are supported in pursuing your personal injury insurance claim. These days, reports from doctors of chiropractic stand up pretty well against the opinions of the medical doctors.

In prior years, orthopedic surgeons were called by the defense to testify against chiropractors who were treating the claimant. It was difficult for the plaintiff to sell a jury on the concept that a chiropractor's belief and testimony could outweigh that of a respected medical professional. However, the situation has eased in the last decade. Chiropractors have treated much of the population. As a consequence, chiropractic opinion, if presented by a doctor with a sound foundation, can stand up well against the best of medical testimony.

A chiropractor is a lot more likely to support your personal injury insurance claim than an orthopedic surgeon. It is, of course, difficult and often useless to generalize about categories of professionals. However, experience shows that, on the whole, medical specialists at the higher end (such as orthopedic surgeons) are less likely to display an interest in the quality of your insurance claim settlement award, especially if it is "only" whiplash or soft tissue injuries, as opposed to broken bones, which form the staple of the surgeon's practice.

What Should You Tell Your Doctor About Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim?

What should you say if your doctor wants to ask questions about whether or not you are going to pursue a personal injury claim? Often a doctor may ask whether you have a lawsuit or an insurance claim pending or whether you have an attorney. A good way to respond is to ask your doctor what he thinks you should do about making a personal injury insurance claim. That way you will find out the extent to which he is willing to support you by making positive, thorough chiropractic records and reports.

Another tactic if he asks about making an insurance claim for your whiplash and soft tissue injuries is you can always just tell him that you are considering a claim, but that your primary emphasis is on healing. That is always the patriotic thing to do as far as medical doctors are concerned. It will earn you points and maybe buy you some cooperation from them. No doctor wants to write reports in support of a personal injury insurance claim if they feel they are being manipulated or used as a tool primarily to obtain a settlement award.

Should you bring up the topic of your personal injury insurance claim? If your doctor does not bring up the question of whether or not you will be making an insurance claim, just leave the topic alone. You do not want him to get the feeling that you are doctor-shopping and trying to find some doctor who will go overboard to support your claim. That will make him suspicious that you are always going to try to manipulate him and his reports.

In fact, with a good chiropractor, you do not have to get into the business of worrying what he is writing so long as you follow his recommendations, stay on his course of treatment, and you are a good, thorough, honest historian as to all the problems you are having due to the whiplash and soft tissue injuries you suffered.

Proper chiropractic or medical care, AND SUPERIOR HISTORY AND DOCUMENTATION are the keys to your physical recovery and your monetary recovery in your personal injury insurance claim. There are three aspects to maximizing your chances for a prompt physical recovery and satisfactory monetary recovery.

  1. The first is to select a doctor who is competent to treat your injuries, and who will support your efforts to recover in a personal injury insurance claim;
  2. The second key is to follow the doctor's advice and to treat as suggested-don't be a cowboy and go it alone, ignoring his instructions, because failure to follow your doctor's orders is ammunition for the insurance defense and the IME doctor;
  3. The third is to ensure that your doctor properly documents your injuries and continued pain and suffering during your injury recovery: on the members' side we teach how to do this accurately without appearing manipulative.

As discussed here and in Personal Injury Insurance Claim: Insurance Company Payment of Medical Expenses as Incurred, the car accident victim has a number of choices in managing her medical care. This is true even if you only have one insurance company to pay your chiropractor and medical bills. Even with no insurance available, there are means of obtaining medical care, especially with chiropractors inasmuch as they are more willing to take a lien on the claim to secure payment for services.

Moreover, your choice is not just whether to obtain medical or chiropractic care or not, it is also a choice as to the type of doctor you want to see. For the majority of whiplash and soft tissue car accident injuries, it has been our members' experience that chiropractic care, massage therapy and physical therapy provide a better physical recovery rate than the conservative treatment by an orthopedic surgeon or a general medical practitioner, who will just have you popping pills and perhaps trying physical therapy.

How to Access a Highly Competent Caring Chiropractor to Treat Your Severe Whiplash and Soft Tissue Car Accident Injuries

Are you interested in the professional care of a chiropractor to help reduce your pain and suffering, to restore your good health, and aid in settling your personal injury insurance claim?

Anyone who visits our site can access select chiropractors in their state by ZIP CODE: Listing of highly qualified chiropractors adept at handling car accident whiplash and soft tissues injuries.

Or, if you wish, you can fill out the request form for your area: Private and Confidential Whiplash and Soft Tissue Expert Chiropractor Request Form. Once you submit this form, SettlementCentral.Com will promptly research your request, and try to fill the need you have identified.

YOUR ABSOLUTE PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY IS GUARANTEED-NO SALES PEOPLE WILL EVER CALL ON YOU for any other purpose, nor will your personal information be shared with anyone outside of SettlementCentral.Com. We guarantee your complete privacy as to the information you provide us. And within a short time, you could have access to the professional help you desire. Just complete the request form and we will get back with you ASAP.

Leading Chiropractors Strongly Endorse and Recommend SettlementCentral.Com to Their Patients:

Leading Kansas City, Missouri chiropractor, Dr. Robbie Killingsworth (drkillingsworth.com; also creator of the personal injury insurance claim BOARD GAME "Whipcash") stated: "I am from the "show-me" state, and these folks at www.SettlementCentral.Com really showed me a whole new advantage for my whiplash and soft tissue car accident patients. I am just thrilled with the whole concept of this website. It gives patients a place to go when they think there is no help to be found."

"They now have access to up-to-date authoritative personal injury claim information. I have reviewed the site and, I will gladly refer my patients there because www.SettlementCentral.Com is THE AUTHORITY for Internet personal injury insurance claim settlements. It is just wonderful for the patient that this resource exists."

One of Florida's leading chiropractors, Dr. Larry Johnston (Tarpon Springs-chirocareinjurycenter.com), likes the idea of online self-help easy directions for personal injury insurance claims at www.SettlementCentral.Com so much that he plans to give away free memberships to the website to qualified new car accident soft tissue and whiplash injury patients, starting at the end of this month.

"I look at it as a real benefit for my soft tissue and whiplash accident patients because for too long I have seen people with valid claims pushed around by insurance companies or wait forever for an attorney to do what the patient could have done in the first place."

Doctor Johnston continued: "What I would tell any other chiropractor is to check it out: your patients will thank you! Most of us, as chiropractors who routinely treat the victims of car accidents who suffer soft tissue injuries, and especially whiplash, know what a run-around our patients get from the insurance companies. www.SettlementCentral.Com can help your patients avoid a lot of stress in resolving their own claim, and I am told they will do better than with an attorney since the fees end up in your patient's pocket-not the attorney's."

Additional Information to Assist in Recovering a Maximum Settlement from Your Personal Injury Claim

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Benefit much more by becoming a www.SettlementCentral.Com Member. Join Now! SettlementCentral.Com, Personal Injury Insurance Claim EXPERTS. and deal effectively with the insurance claim adjuster.

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