Can you really settle your Personal Injury Claim without an attorney?

Most definitely!

  • It is perfectly legal in all states to settle your own claims.
  • You bypass the traditional reliance on the attorney by communicating directly with the insurance company.
  • Using SettlementCentral.Com, you can expect a real advantage in presenting your claim, resulting in a higher dollar figure to you.
  • SettlementCentral.Com (SCC) will show you how to process your claim in five easy to understand steps.
  • Make thousands of dollars that others unnecessarily spend on attorneys' fees.
  • You can do-it-yourself in less time and with fewer headaches than if you hired an attorney to handle your injury claim.
  • No waiting for action while an attorney is busy handling bigger cases. Plus you get to control the flow of the claim.

Why allow a middle man that is no longer necessary to walk away with one-third (the average attorneys' fee) of your award?
What is it that he did (write letters and talk on the telephone) that you cannot do in presenting and settling your own claim?

Why waste your money supporting attorneys when you can do-it-yourself?