You will save a lot of money, doing it yourself!

SCC believes that the greatest benefit of using a do-it-yourself approach to achieve a satisfactory settlement of your claim is that YOU CAN SAVE A LOT MONEY! This is because you can do most everything the attorney will do-and more in most cases-at no cost to you whatsoever.
It is fairly standard for attorneys to undertake an injury claim on a 1/3 contingent fee basis, i.e. they will charge you, as their fee, 1/3 of your settlement. Additionally, they may incur some costs that you, as an individual, may not incur. The following example is an illustration of the money that you can save using the SCC do-it-yourself approach. This illustration assumes that an attorney may be able to achieve a settlement that will result in the recovery of $500 more than you might be able to do yourself. In this illustration, your total out-of-pocket expenses are $3,310 and are as follows:

Your Medical Expenses
Hospital $ 280
Medical Doctor 340
Physical Therapy 790
Chiropractor and Massage 1,010
Your Total Medical Expenses  $2,620
Your Other Direct Losses  
Your lost wages 625
Your transportation costs 65
Your Total Other Direct Losses $ 690
Your Total Special Damages $3,310

These out-of-pocket expenses in the amount of $3,310 are what the law refers to as your "special" damages. These "special" damages represent your direct out-of-pocket loss before consideration of your "general" damages. "General" damages are the damages that the law states that you are entitled to recover in order to compensate you for your pain and suffering as well as your inconvenience.

Potential savings
Costs incurred Do-it-yourself Hire an attorney
Doctor's Notes $ 0 $ 27
Narrative Letter $ 75 $ 195
Emergency Room $ 0 $ 22

Chiropractor and Massage Notes

$ 0 $ 25
Chiropractor Letter $ 75 $ 180
Postage $ 3 $ 12
FAX $ 0 $ 10
Phone $ 4 $ 10
Office Copies $ 6 $ 25
Totals $ 163 $ 506

Settlement comparison
Do-It-Yourself Hire an Attorney
Total Settlement $ 9,000 $9,500 Total Settlement
Nothing to Deduct $ 0 ($ 3,167) Less 1/3 attorney fees of $3,167
Less medical costs to be repaid ($ 2,620) ($ 2,620) Less medical costs to be repaid
Less costs incurred by you ($ 163) ($ 506) Less costs incurred by attorney
Less reimbursement for transportation and lost wages ($ 690) ($ 690) Less reimbursement for your transportation and lost wages
Your general damage award for Pain and suffering $ 5,527 $ 2,517 Your general damage award for Pain and suffering

The difference in net general damage award (and the cost to you if you hired an attorney) for this case = $3,010. Here are a couple of charts to help with the comparison:


Look at the difference in your slice of the pie when you do your own negotiating!
Please note that handing your case over to an attorney will likely not result in a savings of time or effort on your part. Whether you use an attorney or do it yourself through SettlementCentral.Com, you still have to:

  • Gather the same basic information
  • See the same doctors
  • Assimilate the same information in outline form (yours or the attorney's)
  • Keep the same confidential diary

In fact, you will likely find that your time driving back and forth from the attorney's office, waiting in the "waiting room", meeting with the staff, and meeting with the attorney is more time consuming and life disrupting than simply doing the settlement yourself with the assistance of the SettlementCentral.Com professional services providers.
Please note that the attorney may be able to achieve more than $9,500 if he/she should take the case to court. However in that case you can expect substantial delays in terms of years, more visits to the attorney's office, more time off work for depositions, arbitration and/or trial, substantially increased medical costs because of attorney consultations with your doctor and testimony costs. In order for you to achieve the net award that you would have received in your own settlement of $9,000, the attorney would have to achieve a trial award in excess of $20,000! That is not a likely result. No one pays you for your time off from work to go to the attorney's office, to prepare for and attend depositions, to attend the trial, to attend the arbitration, or to attend another trial should the insurance company appeal. No one pays you for the doctor's expenses in talking to the attorney prior to deposition, in consulting with the attorney prior to trial or for the doctor's expenses in attending the trial. All of that money is taken off of your award for pain and suffering.