Sometimes You Need an Attorney

Of course, there are certain types of injury cases where the injured party would be better served by having professional representation provided by an attorney rather than attempting a do-it-yourself approach. SCC believes that an injured party should seek the assistance of an attorney when your injuries are substantial and/or permanent or when there are complex issues related to liability and/or damages.
In these cases, SCC members have the advantage of hiring an attorney for consultation at an attractive guaranteed hourly rate. Thus, an attorney licensed in your state could advise you on the rough spots of a complex case, or even help you to draft a letter dealing with a legal issue.
For representation, there is a possibility that an attorney contracted through SCC could take your case at a guaranteed rate of 10% less than his usual attorneys' fees.
SCC members also have a through analysis and useful, excellent suggestions on how to interview and hire an attorney, and how to negotiate a discount in his fees and get more legal service than he usually gives.