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Auto Accident Damage: Your Vehicle to be Totaled

There is an increasing trend these days to "total" vehicles, as opposed to fixing them. Without going into the reasons why the insurance industry might prefer this means of resolving auto accident property damage, this trend does make it ESSENTIAL for accident victims to know their rights.

Many auto owners have put good money into their vehicles and they soon realize that what they might receive as a cash payout for a total loss will not buy them anywhere near the reliable transportation that was damaged in the car wreck. What can you do to keep your ride from being totaled? Anyone in that position would benefit from membership in SettlementCentral.Com a lot more than their $99.95 price of membership since they would learn how to either keep their vehicle from being totaled, or they will learn how to Buy Back Salvage & Repair, Inspect, Re-title, & License the vehicle.

Even what seems a simple issue, such as rental car rights when they want to total your vehicle, get spun a few different ways by adjusters. Learn what you are entitled to and back it up with a firm statement of your rights.

The main game in this arena is the fight over the cash payout, which is NOT "determined" by any fair means, as members of www.SettlementCentral.Com learn. The problem is that the Actual Cash Value (ACV) can be "determined" by a number of methods, and unless you are forewarned and taught how to fight them, the adjusters WILL abuse you by using computer-generated "reports" that in truth border on fraudulent. Learn to FIGHT those reports to get full value for your totaled vehicle.

Probably you have never even heard of CCC—but members of www.SettlementCentral.Com are well educated on the unfair tactics employed by this and similar companies in producing the bogus "reports" the adjusters have been using to cheat victims of auto wrecks.

LEARN TO BEAT THE ADJUSTER AT HIS OWN GAME. Take a look at some of the topics covered in just this one small part of the SettlementCentral.Com members' materials. You can see how we have the fair market value fight armed for winning on YOUR SIDE.

The adjuster's Actual Cash Value (ACV) Comes From CCC or ADP. "You Can't Fight 'em if You Don't Know 'em", so just how do you propose to do this on your own? Why not invest the $99.95 in a www.SettlementCentral.Com membership and get the help you need. See the breakdown of the pages below, especially the 14 proven Strategies to Attack the CCC or ADP Valuation Report.

Or are you someone who trusts that nice man on television who advertises that insurance companies have you in "good hands"? NO, neither your own insurer nor the tortfeasor's insurer is voluntarily going to be there for you "like a good neighbor". You will have to FIGHT for the highest ACV, and that includes getting all you can from the equipment and add-ons you have paid for.

Learn how to fight for TOP DOLLAR Actual Cash Value with your membership in SettlementCentral.Com. See the topical listing of members' side pages below, including "Increase ACV for Equipment, Overhauls, & Add-Ons—Push for Sales Tax Payment." This is stuff you NEED TO KNOW if you want to win your totaled car claim.

You will put yourself in a position of power versus the adjuster with a membership in SettlementCentral.Com because knowledge IS power, and we will teach you HOW to fight for your rights at the cost of only $99.95 for the six month membership. That covers not only your property damage help, but EXTENSIVE information and forms and examples to settle your personal injury claim. But the cost will pay for itself many times over when you prevail on any important repair issue since your vehicle is an important asset that stands to lose value if you do not act.

Did you know that it is legal—and increasingly popular—to settle YOUR bodily injury insurance claim? Do it yourself AND WIN! Get MAXIMUM insurance results, AND put the award in YOUR POCKET, not the attorney's. Why pay a stranger to do what you can do for yourself?

Get your MAXIMUM VALUE INSURANCE SETTLEMENTusing the information, forms, and samples at www.SettlementCentral.Com.

What about problems BEFORE you ever get to the many totaled car valuation issues? Do you know how to avoid storage costs or what your rental rights are? Are you supposed to be limited to the meager rental allowance in your own insurance? How long can you keep a rental car if the adjuster makes a "ballpark" reasonable offer to pay for your total loss?

Would it be worth $99.95 to know the answers to any one of the dozens of issues identified for you in the following page breakdown of property damage problems?

Do NOT sign that "standard" Property Damage Release Form until you know your rights. What if the adjuster says: "We must have your date of birth and social security number for the IRS"? Do you have to give away your SSN or your DOB to settle your property loss?

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Glossary of Insurance Claims Terms

Vehicle Towing and Storage: Avoid Surprise Charges

Totaled Vehicle Module Introduction

Vehicle Rental—Rights and Responsibilities

Fight Totaling Your Vehicle by Agreeing to Used and/or NON-OEM Parts

Buy Back Salvage & Repair, Inspect, Re-title, & License

How Your Vehicle's Actual Cash Value is Determined by the Insurance Adjuster

The PAYOUT: What to do if you are "upside down" in your vehicle

Vehicle Totaled? Your Rights Versus Insurers—Your Company or Theirs

Fight to Get TRUE Fair Market Value for Your Totaled Vehicle

Increase ACV for Equipment, Overhauls, & Add-Ons—Push for Sales Tax Payment

ACV Comes From CCC or ADP: You Can't Fight 'em if You Don't Know 'em

Strategies to Attack the CCC or ADP Valuation Report

"Standard Form" Property Damage Release

Hint: If you have no injury claim and no other interest in property damage information other than a Diminished Value claim, then do not buy a membership. Why? We cannot make a report example for your particular diminished value situation because of course the circumstances of each claim are limited to the facts. Injuries are different, and of course www.SettlementCentral.Com teaches personal injury claim settlements online. But for a DV claim, you would better spend your money on a DV expert who can examine your vehicle and fight for your claim.
Is Your Vehicle Repairable?

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Was Your Personal Property Damaged?

Was your camera, cell phone, computer notebook, or any item of your personal property damaged or destroyed in an accident? Learn your rights to a rental and discover how to fight for proper repairs or for full value payment in the event your property was destroyed. More Go to ACCIDENT DAMAGE: PERSONAL PROPERTY REPAIR, REPLACEMENT, OR CASH PAYOUT

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