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Auto Accident Damage: Your Vehicle Repairable

You have survived an accident, and even with your injuries, you will get likely some good care to restore you eventually, and all of that is something we can give thanks for. BUT what about your poor injured car, van, truck, or motorcycle damaged in the accident? Who is REALLY going to look out for your vehicle to make sure that it does get the proper repairs, done by competent professionals with QUALITY parts? Are you someone who is going to stand up for your vehicle and work with the information at www.SettlementCentral.Com to ensure that these damages are repaired so your ride is restored to good condition?

Or are you someone who trusts that nice man on television who advertises that insurance companies have you in "good hands"? NO, neither your own insurer nor the tortfeasor's insurer is voluntarily going to be there for you "like a good neighbor".

It is true that many-maybe even the majority-of auto accident property damage claims are resolved satisfactorily, with no need for the vehicle owners to hire an expert or to get involved in fighting for special parts or for diminished value claims.

But what if you have a vehicle worth a few bucks and you want to make sure that the repairs are done properly and with proper parts. How will you fight for your rights versus the adjuster when you do not know whether you are entitled to OEM parts, or maybe you do not even know what OEM parts means. Look at the breakdown of page topics below, for example "OEM Parts, Rights, Alternatives, Betterment".

You will put yourself in a position of power versus the adjuster with a membership in SettlementCentral.Com because knowledge IS power, and we will teach you HOW to fight for your rights at the cost of only $99.95 for the six month membership. That covers not only your property damage help, but EXTENSIVE information and forms and examples to settle your personal injury claim. But the cost will pay for itself many times over when you prevail on any important repair issue since your vehicle is an important asset that stands to lose value if you do not act.

Did you know that it is legal-and increasingly popular-to settle YOUR bodily injury insurance claim? Do it yourself AND WIN! Get MAXIMUM insurance results, AND put the award in YOUR POCKET, not the attorney's. Why pay a stranger to do what you can do for yourself?

Get your MAXIMUM VALUE INSURANCE SETTLEMENTusing the information, forms, and samples at www.SettlementCentral.Com.

What about problems BEFORE you ever get to many repair issues? Do you know how to avoid storage costs or what your rental rights are? Are you supposed to be limited to the meager rental allowance in your own insurance? How long can you keep a rental car if the repairs are delayed? Consider the page "Vehicle Rental-Rights and Responsibilities".

Would it be worth $99.95 to know the answers to any one of the dozens of issues identified for you in the following page breakdown of property damage problems?

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Glossary of Insurance Claims Terms

Vehicle Towing and Storage: Avoid Surprise Charges

Vehicle Rental-Rights and Responsibilities

Vehicle Repair-Quality Assurance

Letter Adjuster & Body Shop Owner Re Lesser Quality Repair; Hold Harmless

Auto Body Shops: Choose Between Independent Versus "Preferred" Shops

How to Select an Auto Body Repair Shop

OEM Parts, Rights, Alternatives, Betterment

Do I Have to Use the Insurance Money for Vehicle Repairs?

"Standard Form" Property Damage Release

Diminished Value Claims Explained by Doctor Settlement, J.D.

Diminished Value Claims Make a Claim for a Cash

Handling Disputes Regarding Storage, Repair, and Return of Vehicle

Hiring Property Damage Expert-Opinion and Negotiation

Do They Want to Total Your Vehicle?
Was your automobile, van, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle totaled in an accident? Learn your rights to a rental vehicle and discover how to fight to keep your vehicle OR for full value payment in the event your vehicle is totaled. More Coming soon

Was Your Personal Property Damaged?
Was your camera, cell phone, computer notebook, or any item of your personal property damaged or destroyed in an accident? Learn your rights to a rental and discover how to fight for proper repairs or for full value payment in the event your property was destroyed. More Coming soon

Hint: If you have no injury claim and no other interest in property damage information other than a Diminished Value claim, then do not buy a membership. Why? We cannot make a report example for your particular diminished value situation because of course the circumstances of each claim are limited to the facts. Injuries are different, and of course www.SettlementCentral.Com teaches personal injury claim settlements online. But for a DV claim, you would better spend your money on a DV expert who can examine your vehicle and fight for your claim.

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