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Accident Damage: Personal Property Repair, Replacement, or Cash Payout

Property is described as real property, which is land, buildings, and attached fixtures-OR personal property, which is everything else. Personal property can be tangible, such as a vehicle or camera, or a computer notebook, or intangible, such as rights to an investment or rights to a cause of action.

This part covers tangible personal property that is not attached to a vehicle or to a house, such as a camera, computer notebook, portable electronic devices, clothing, cellular phone, anything one is carrying or transporting in the vehicle, and the like.

There are a number of ways in which property can be valued for insurance purposes, and it may depend upon whether or not you are making a third party claim versus the tortfeasor's policy or a first party >define] claim against your own auto or homeowner's policy. For most items of personal property of any value, the price of membership at SettlementCentral.Com can be justified by bettering your position, as opposed to going it alone without being armed with sufficient information.

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Consider the following list of topics that we offer to help you get full value for your destroyed personal property. Now, it is not likely that you will find it necessary to read all of this material, BUT you can see that we DO have all possible aspects of the topic covered for you, no matter what the circumstances of your loss.

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What Kind of Property Are We Talking About?

Personal Property Claims: First Party Auto Versus Third Party Auto Versus Homeowners'

If Your Property is Repairable

Replacement and "Betterment"

What Value Will the Adjuster Use to Indemnify You for Your Loss?

Fighting for Actual Cash Value of Your Personal Property

Shouldn't You Receive a Sales Tax Cash Payment in Addition to the Actual Cash Value?

Bodily injury Claim Evidence Tip

What if You Cannot Agree?

Can I Take This to Small Claims Court?

Effective communication with Insurance Claims Adjusters

Is Your Vehicle Repairable?
Was your automobile, van, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle damaged in an accident-but repairable? Learn your rights to a rental vehicle and discover how to fight for proper repairs with the best repair parts. More Coming soon

Do They Want to Total Your Vehicle?
Was your automobile, van, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle totaled in an accident? Learn your rights to a rental vehicle and discover how to fight to keep your vehicle OR for full value payment in the event your vehicle is totaled. More Coming soon

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