Make Thousands in the Settlement of your Personal Injury Claim By Using the SCC Online Self-Help Approach!

These charts illustrate how much you will be able to save if you are doing it yourself without the help of an attorney.

Look at the difference in your slice of the pie when you do your own negotiating!

As described in Why Do It Yourself?Go to WHY DO IT YOURSELF?, here is the case of an hypothetical injury claim where you, doing it yourself, could obtain a $9,000 settlement offer. For that same hypothetical injury claim, an attorney could obtain a $9,500 settlement offer for you. Now you will see why doing it yourself can be an excellent idea.
Look at the differences in costs when doing it yourself, using the SCC online self -help approach, and when an attorney does it for you. Look even more closely at the amount left after reimbursement of medical and other costs - your general damages for pain and suffering. Which would you rather take home -- $5,527 or $2,517?
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The Settlement of your own personal injury claim, whether that personal injury claim is a result of a dog bite, car accident , motorcycle accident or some other type of personal injury accident, is EASY and can save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!

See the calculations that show how the figures above were derivedGo to YOU WILL SAVE A LOT OF MONEY DOING IT YOURSELF.

Did you know that you will spend more of your own time using an attorney than if you handled your own case? The record shows that you can do everything necessary in less time than if you educate the attorney and her staff about you and your case and then fill out their paperwork to provide yet more information. Please see the breakdown of time spent by minutesGo to YOU WILL SAVE TIME AND HASSLE DOING IT YOURSELF.

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