Photographs at the Scene


The Value of Photographs

An insurance company cannot contradict photographs. They may disagree with how you say an accident happened, or how badly you were injured, but they cannot deny what was in your photograph. When you take a picture of the surrounding circumstances in the grocery store, you can show the adjuster in dramatic fashion that your eyes were attracted away from the floor. Photographs show things better than you can describe them. They reveal details that a person may not notice at first, or at all.
Carefully examine your photos and you will usually observe things that you had not noticed at the time. Best of all, they preserve the scene, the evidence and visual proof of injuries, even though our memories will change all of that over time. Consider the preservation of an accident scene before the other party has time to change things.
When you present your photos, they help to increase the value of your claim because they let the insurance adjuster know that you have developed your claim in an organized and thoughtful manner.
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