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Join Our Contract Professional Team-No Selling Involved

If you are an attorney with substantial personal injury experience, or a chiropractor who treats injury victims, or other professional involved as an injury treatment specialist, please consider the opportunities for high reward work offered by SettlementCentral.Com. This is a unique chance to do contract work from your home at a very attractive rate, and it will start you on becoming part of the Internet commerce revolution!
You will be helping people who need your help-sort of the same thing you do now for a living, except you can do as much or little work as you see fit, do it when you want, on your schedule, and in your pajamas if that pleases you:. We provide complete liability insurance for you, at no cost to you. If that sounds rewarding and interesting, wait until you hear about our excellent contract work rate!
Would you like to learn more? Of course you would, and what is more, your inquiry will always be TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL. Absolutely no one will know we have exchanged emails or participated in any other contact.
So why not send us an email and let us see if you can qualify to assist injured claimants over the Internet. There is no selling whatsoever; the members select you from our site. There is no cost or membership involved; your participation will not obligate you to any fixed length contract.
Send us an email, and we will give you the particulars and answer any questions you may pose. Be sure to include your email address or contact information. No sales people will call you, and no contacts with you will be made by us, unless your interest motivates you to make further contact.
E-mail us today to become an associate!