Letter Rejecting Unsolicited Settlement Offer (without check)

Date: __________
[Adjuster's Name] __________
[Insurance Company Name] __________
[Address] __________
[City, State, Zip Code] __________
Re: Your Claim Number: __________
Your Insured: _______________
Date of Injury: _______________
Dear [use adjuster's name here]:
I am responding to the unsolicited offer to settle that you made to me on [date]. You [called/wrote] to state that you felt my claim was ready for settlement. You stated that you [and your supervisor - if that was the case] had prepared a work-up on my case, and that you had taken the matter before a committee to review the settlement offer [again, if that was the case]. You asserted that your offer was the "full, fair and final offer" I would receive in this case.
While I appreciate your proactive position in trying to move my case toward settlement, I respectfully decline to accept this offer. Furthermore, I am not going to make a counter-offer at this time. I do not think enough is known about my condition yet.
I agree that my medical condition may appear to have stabilized, but I have not yet placed my body under any kind of a stress-testing condition. I have been advised that my condition may become active again and that the injuries could flare up with even minimal physical activities.
For that reason, I have concluded that it is too soon to know the total extent of damages caused by your insured's negligence. Therefore, I decline your kind invitation to settle this matter, and hereby notify you that I will continue to treat as long as the treatments are necessary for me to lead a more normal life and to resume my employment and daily activities.
After I have reached Maximum Medical Improvement, if I am then able to go through my daily activities for some consecutive weeks without suffering undue pain, then I will consider settling my claim. In the meantime, I will keep you updated on my activities, my treatment and my progress in resuming my normal life.
Thank you,
[Your Name]___________
[Your Address] _________
[Your City, State, Zip Code] __________
[Your Telephone Number] ___________