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Demand Letter Central-Entry Gateway for Insurance Claim Demand Letters

This is an ENTRY GATEWAY to our free side information pages about Insurance Claim Demand Letter Samples, Templates, and Forms to Settle Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim.

The reason we wanted to make our readers go through this entry gateway is to impart one piece of information that most visitors do not realize: giving you access to sample demand letters and free templates is really not all that important in your obtaining a fair insurance bodily injury settlement, AND IN FACT IT CAN BE DETRIMENTAL TO THE CLAIMANT WHO DOES NOT BECOME INFORMED ABOUT THE INSURANCE CLAIMS PROCESS.

That's right, some folks who think all there is to this insurance settlement process is to send off a smoking hot demand letter have no idea that their ignorance of the basics of insurance claims will cost them a lot more than if they never even bothered with a demand letter. The time is better spent learning about how claims are handled and all the tips and secrets of professionals.

To the extent that having a demand letter form or template makes many claimants feel that they have mastered the insurance bodily injury claims process, and thus need not learn much more, it actually undermines the injury claim efforts of our visitors to provide them with sample demand letters. To their detriment, they rely upon the demand letter format as being possessed of some kind of "magic", instead of learning about the basics of handling insurance injury claims.

The compromise we reached here at www.SettlementCentral.Com is to go ahead and provide our visitors with extensive information about insurance claim demand letters, and to give them some demand letter formats and examples, BUT to require our readers to acknowledge that it is a lot more important to know the basics of the insurance claims process than it is to have any particular format for their letter of demand.

Below is a message from our own Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor), the most highly rated legal expert in auto claims and insurance claims at www.allexperts.com (where he is a volunteer with over 3,000 entries in two insurance fields). Let him tell you about claimants who think all they have to do is to find some "magic" demand letter format in order to WOW the insurance adjuster into opening the insurance company checkbook.

Greetings, visitors to www.SettlementCentral.Com; thanks for taking a look at our website. I hope that you find information here to make your visit worthwhile, and that you return to become a member once you realize how much you DO need ACCESS to a wide variety of self help insurance bodily injury claims information. My fellow trial attorneys and I have put this site together to enable anyone who is willing to work to settle their own personal injury insurance claim PRO SE, or on their own-and thus to keep in their pocket the money others are unnecessarily paying to attorneys.

My topic today is SAMPLE SETTLEMENT DEMAND LETTERS, and the obsession people have about the "magic" they think an accident demand letter can perform. I kind of wish it were true, but in fact, as I will demonstrate, that faith in the demand letter is misplaced, and in my opinion, it causes a diminution in settlement values of accident insurance injury claims. This very thing happened to one claimant who I helped over at allexpets.com. It seems that after I helped her with some ideas for her demand letter, and gave her the format of that letter, she chose to ignore my other warnings about becoming better informed before she tried to settle her own accident insurance claim.

Sure enough, her reliance on the "magic" demand letter was misplaced, and she got hammered by the insurance adjuster in about half of the ways I am going to mention below. Her settlement was much lower than it should have been because she was not aware of what to do other than send off that "magic" demand letter.

As a consequence, she came back at allexpets.com and at me for "encouraging" her to use a demand letter that was deficient and as a result she lost the value in her claim. She wanted US to pay her for her screw-up. Do you see that she just did not "get it"? She still thought that it was the demand letter that was deficient, when in fact it was her lack of information on insurance claim procedures that cost her many thousands of dollars. Given the choice, I would ALWAYS tell victims to become informed first, and then-armed with tactics and information-even a demand letter of just one page would be worth more than the "magic" demand letters some use with no knowledge of the claims process.

I hope you will not take offense at what I want to say now about DEMAND LETTER TEMPLATES or SAMPLE NEGOTIATION LETTER FORMS. I have seen many dozens of questions over at allexperts.com wherein the questioner has been convinced that there is some "MAGIC" FORMULA to value bodily injury claims, and with that formula and a "MAGIC" INSURANCE CLAIM DEMAND LETTER, they will achieve a super settlement amount. Folks, I am sorry to tell you this, BUT IT JUST IS NOT SO.

What if you let ME draft your demand letter, or better, get the other trial attorneys who founded www.SettlementCentral.Com to help me, and ALL of us created a super demand letter for you? Unless you know the other NINETY PERCENT of the personal injury claims process TAUGHT AT WWW.SettlementCentral.Com, that demand letter will not mean much. In fact, I am willing to bet you money that if we trial attorneys were to make such a great demand letter for you, BUT let YOU try to settle the case on your own, without learning about the "ins and outs" of the insurance claims process, it would actually hurt you instead of helping you.

Here is why. People who place great faith in demand letters do not pay any attention to the two dozen other topics that they must know about in order to handle their own claims. YES, there are a great many topics that one must know something about in order to successfully handle her own insurance bodily injury claim. That is why we have a ton and a half of information and forms and samples and templates over on the members' side of www.SettlementCentral.Com.

Now, chances are that in any one accident insurance claim, no one will really need any more than ten percent of all that we have to instruct members how to make a successful insurance injury claim. BUT that other ninety percent is there because someone will need a part of it at some time, and another claimant will access a different topic for a different type of claim.

The point is: if you are going to settle your own claim, you MUST BECOME ARMED with INFORMATION. You cannot rely upon a super demand letter-you must have ready access to information, and sample forms, and rebuttal checklists to handle the insurance adjuster. So you will have to find all of that somewhere on your own, or you can become a member of SettlementCentral.Com, and gain immediate access to everything you need to make a great insurance claim settlement.

You need to know what to do or to say when the insurance adjuster springs things on you in a phone call. Claimants need to know how to manage their medical care and their medical records for a maximum insurance settlement. They need to know how to negotiate and to fight back if the insurance adjuster does not play fairly.

The insurance adjusters are paid to fight you and your claim. Wake up-FAIRNESS IS NOT PART OF THE DEAL. These people are NOT your "good neighbor" and their "good hands" are most definitely in your pockets. What in the world are you thinking that you can handle them on your own without arming yourself with the information, forms, samples, and templates at www.SettlementCentral.Com?

From my experience, BIG EGOS and manly arrogance are the primary factors when an insurance claimant chooses to go into battle unarmed with information. They think that they are some kind of special warrior who does not need to become informed about the insurance adjuster tricks and tips taught at www.SettlementCentral.Com.

"Honey I don't need all that kind of stuff-remember how I handled that sales guy when we bought the car-I showed HIM a couple things about negotiations!"

Well, big boy, in the first place, the car dealer likely would NOT agree as to who ended up the better on what you thought was a super deal. And more importantly, buying a car is a one-step transaction-something simple and less complex than going through the insurance injury claims process. May I respectfully suggest that you take a moment to read below where I am about to give you a few examples of some of the numerous ways in which an insurance bodily injury claim can go sideways on the claimant? And don't worry if you are discouraged about this route by all of the reading: You can elect to read just a little since www.SettlementCentral.Com has simple easy to use templates and instructions for a maximum insurance claim settlement.

May I please illustrate my point with just a few questions? These are not some off-the-wall questions: this stuff happens in EVERY kind of claim. What will you say or do about these following situations? Think about this as being a list of things you must know that other resources will not tell you, but which form the basis of insurance settlement success enjoyed by members of www.SettlementCentral.Com.

  1. The insurance adjuster sends a letter scheduling you for a so-called "Independent" Medical Examination (IME). Have you any ready access to information on how to respond-whether to take the exam or object to it? Will you demand a different doctor or a different date or payment of time off work or mileage? Do you know what to do and say and what forms to refuse to fill out in the insurance doctor's office? What will you write back to that examining doctor after the exam, but before he makes his report?

  2. What will you do when the insurance adjuster for your own first party claim denies all or part of your treatments? How will you answer her when she says that your doctor's billings exceed the norm in your area? What will you do when she denies treatment costs retroactively? How about when she terminates treatment authorization on the grounds that your treatments are "merely palliative and not curative"?

  3. Will you sign and return the blanket authorization forms for your medical records and your employment records? Can you make any changes on those forms? If so, what and how can you limit them from going back a dozen years and rummaging through your medical history? Did you know that the insurance adjuster was speaking with the staff of your doctor's office-is that OK?

  4. Do you have any concept of the huge difference it can make in a claim if one manages his medical care and his medical records? How do you correct something the doctor put in your record that you never told her? What about the fact that the doctor told you a few very important things that she did not include in your medical records? As a member of SettlementCentral.Com you will learn the basic trick to stop the doctor from waffling in his reports and instead make a firm statement in support of your claim?

  5. What are the rules for proving your wage loss claim? Is it OK for the insurance adjuster to get a hold of your personnel file so he can see if you really were going to be retained for the past ten months of lost wage time? Can the insurance adjuster speak with your supervisor or fellow employees to determine whether or not you could have been at work? How will you respond to her denial of half of your wage loss claim?

  6. We will show you step-by-step what it is that you must prove in order to win your insurance claim. What are the basic elements of your claim-both for liability and damages? The basics of negligence claims are taught at www.SettlementCentral.Com. Do you know what standard of proof applies to your claim? What is clear, cogent, and convincing evidence? What is the preponderance of the evidence? How can you ever think that you can negotiate your own claim if you are ignorant of the basics? Do you really believe that the "magic" demand letter is going to overcome your ignorance of the insurance claims process? What kind of credibility do you think you will retain with the insurance adjuster once she sees through you to the fact that you have no background or knowledge in these matters?

  7. So you think you are a good negotiator, is that right? Www.SettlementCentral.Com teaches negotiation techniques, including providing a script to use in the negotiations. On this site you will learn how to respond when the insurance adjuster first mentions her offer amount. You will learn how important it is to know what to say at that very moment when she first lays out that lowball offer amount. Will you argue with her when she tears your supposedly "magic" demand letter to shreds-or will you let her finish first, and then what will you say? How will you respond when she tells you that she presented your file at the weekly management meeting, and this offer is the best and highest her review committee can authorize? Do you know what your silence to those attacks means in negotiations?

  8. And what will you do about those pesky claims of subrogation made by your auto and health insurers? Will you even be aware of what these claims are and how they will get their money? If you had to spend money on a mock-up or engineering report or narrative report or other cost, have you any clue whether of not you can claim for some reimbursement-and how to go about it? What are the five main defences to the subrogation claims of your insurers?

OK, by now you get the idea: the insurance claim settlement demand letter in and of itself will NOT EVER deliver what it is you want: a good insurance award. Only the kind of insurance claim guides and information at www.SettlementCentral.Com members' side can do that. If you do not want to go with our site, then at least buy yourself a book on how to settle these claims. Those books do not cover any more than one-third of the issues raised above, but they are better than nothing.

That is all that I wanted you to know before we turned you loose on our free side demand letter information. We do not want to leave anyone with the impression that their demand letter itself or the format for a letter of demand are at all "magic". They mean very little toward a successful insurance settlement, UNLESS accompanied by the knowledge and tools for tort victims at www.SettlementCentral.Com. To leave you to think otherwise might harm your chances for a good recovery. So we asked you to read this warning for your protection: focus your efforts FIRST and FOREMOST upon learning the basics of how personal injury insurance claims are processed, and only after you are well into that task allow yourself to become concerned with the structure of your demand letter.

Hence, please acknowledge below that you have read the foregoing warning in order to access our free side information Complete Introduction to the www.SettlementCentral.Com Insurance Claim Demand Letters Module. The link is at the bottom of this page.

Best wishes, and I will look for you over on the members' side of SettlementCentral.Com.

Dr. Settlement, J.D. (Juris Doctor)

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