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Attorneys - Overview

Although the main purpose of SettlementCentral.Com is to educate injured persons in self-help and do-it-yourself methods of obtaining the best possible settlement of their injury claims, there are times when using an attorney is part of that best resolution. SettlementCentral.Com recognizes that an injured person is often best served by seeking an attorney's help when those injuries are substantial and/or permanent, when there are complex issues related to liability and/or damages, or when that person feels the need for such help for any reason at all. Go to TYPES OF CASES BEST HANDLED BY AN ATTORNEY
Coming soon, as part of our extensive Expansion Program, SettlementCentral.Com will offer its subscribed members access to our directory of independent personal injury attorneys with whom we have negotiated a special discounted fee for consultation. Some of those attorneys are also available for representation. Independent attorneys listed in SettlementCentral.Com's directory are paid separately by the member at the special member rate of $_____ per hour for consultation, plus a one-time $_____ service charge to SettlementCentral.Com, which then has no further part in the communications between the member and the attorney. After the first hour, which is paid through SettlementCentral.Com in conjunction with the service charge, any additional work agreed upon between the attorney and the member are paid directly to the attorney. Any long-distance telephone charges, fax charges, mail or other delivery expenses will be paid by the member.
As a condition of being listed in our directory, these independent attorneys have agreed to charge no more than $_____ per hour for consultation with our members. Further, these independent attorneys have agreed to discounted fees to our members for representation on their claims, if such representation is agreed upon between themselves and the member, as follows:
  • The rate to SettlementCentral.Com members for representation is guaranteed to be 10 percent less than that normally charged to that attorney's clients.
  • If the member already has a settlement offer from the insurer, the attorney will take no fees on the amount of that existing settlement offer, but may charge up to 40 percent of the difference between that existing settlement offer and the gross settlement achieved or trial award.
  • If the gross settlement or trial award exceeds six times the original offer obtained by the member, then the attorney may charge a fee not to exceed his usual fee, less a 10 percent discount.
Neither the member nor the attorney is required to agree to representation - both are free to choose whether they wish to work together on the member's claim. In addition, members are not guaranteed that an attorney will be available in their geographic area to take their case.
Such hiring of an independent attorney through SettlementCentral.Com has no effect on the member's use of our Web site, to which the member still has full access. In many cases, use of the information available on SettlementCentral.Com will mean that the member has already prepared a great deal of material for the attorney and, thus, will be able to save on attorney fees.
Unlike our psps Go to PSPS - who are not allowed to give legal advice, these independent attorneys are not only allowed but expected to give legal advice. That is the reason our members will contract with them.
SettlementCentral.Com's directory of independent personal injury attorneys is divided by states, since the laws covering injury claims vary from state to state. When the directory is fully populated, members will be able to select an attorney licensed to practice law in the state where the accident occurred, where the claim will be pursued. Some of these independent attorneys are available only for consultation, Go to SAVE ON ATTORNEY FEES and others may also be hired for representation to resolve your claim. Go to SAVE ON ATTORNEY FEES These attorneys are not employed by SettlementCentral.Com; we merely provide you with a list of competent attorneys Go to ATTORNEYS - OVERVIEW plus we offer you discounted rates for those times when you feel the need for legal assistance.