5 Easy Steps to Do-it-yourself Settlement

Step 2: Treatment

Medical/therapeutic treatment is likely essential to helping your body heal as quickly as possible. Of course, you seek competent medical help as soon as possible, not waiting to figure out the details of who will pay the medical bills. Our subscribing members will have access to Payment of Medical Expenses and Wage Loss as Incurred.Go to PAYMENT OF MEDICAL EXPENSES AND WAGE LOSS AS INCURRED If no insurance is available, members will be shown how to obtain medical care by offering their doctor a lien.Go to MEDICAL CARE PROVIDER LIENS

Managing Your Medical CareGo to MANAGING YOUR MEDICAL CARE is a thorough but easy-to-read explanation of how to get good medical/therapeutic care. It will also show you how to be sure your medical treatment records will report all the pertinent information and, thus, will enhance the value of your claim. Rules of the Games: Medical Care Documentation and InsuranceGo to RULES OF THE GAMES: MEDICAL CARE DOCUMENTATION AND INSURANCE will offer more information to help you make sure every step of your medical treatment is accurately documented.

If you have been injured and have not seen a doctor, Early Treatment Helps Prove Your Injuries Were Caused by the AccidentGo to EARLY TREATMENT HELPS PROVE YOUR INJURIES WERE CAUSED BY THE ACCIDENT is for you! Even if you did not see a doctor soon after the accident, even if you did not follow up with the recommended treatment or exercise, it is never too late to see a doctor or to commence the follow-up treatment or exercise program. Doctors of chiropractic are known for taking the time to learn your complete history and to create a thorough record that will tie your accident to their clinical examination results.

If you are hurting, wait no longer! Begin now to have the medical treatment you need, and remember Step 1 in your injury claim - document everything!

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