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Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlements For TOP DOLLAR!

Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlements Maximized when you document properly and understand the impacts of your bodily injuries, all by using the tested and proven information, forms, demand letters, and templates at SettlementCentral.Com.
The first-ever Internet self-help guide for settling personal injury insurance claims, SettlementCentral.Com is the product of cooperation among seasoned personal injury attorneys, career insurance adjusters, dedicated chiropractors, and an award-winning neurologist. WE KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE how to get TOP DOLLAR insurance settlements from your personal injury claim.
First, did you know that it is perfectly legal to settle your own insurance claim, and that there is no special mystery to preparing a demand letter or negotitating with the insurance adjuster? Read how to settle your own personal injury insurance claim: SettlementCentral.Com EMPOWERS Do-It-Yourself Personal Injury Settlements! Eliminate Attorneys' Fees; Save Thousands of Dollars Settling Your Own Insurance Claim
While SettlementCentral.Com members are provided the best and most useful information to settle their car accident injury claims, we also want to provide you-our non-member visitor-sufficient information to help you along in the process. Who knows: you might just like what we have to offer and become a member. But even if you do not join SettlementCentral.Com, feel free to use all the information we present on this and all the other pages in the SettlementCentral.Com directory of free information to settle personal injury insurance claims.
By the way, our commitment to providing good solid personal injury claims information without charge continues in our SettlementCentral.Com award-winning monthly personal injury claims newsletter, "Settle It Yourself". If you looked at all of the archives of the newsletter, you could just about settle your own insurance claim with no further help. So even if you are still "looking" to see what kind of help you may need, why not take a free subscription to our newsletter and benefit from the wealth of valuable information carried there each month? Privacy Guaranteed-we NEVER disclose our newsletter subscribers. The link is on the upper right of each page.
Here are some more free pages that are loaded with information and strategies to help you "do-it-yourself", all the way to a successful settlement of your personal injury insurance claim.
Part 1 of our Directory of Car Accident Information and Insurance Injury Claim Settlement Procedures-1 discusses the first two aspects of Car Accidents: Handling the Accident Scene & Your Damaged Vehicle.
Part 2 of our Directory of Car Accident Information and Insurance Injury Claim Settlement Procedures-2 discusses the next two aspects of Car Accidents: Insurance Claims Adjuster; Correcting Officer's Report
If you suffered permanent and disabling injuries, even soft tissue injuries, then your insurance injury claim could be of significant value. Thus, you might have to contend with insurance policy limits issues. Be sure to carefully read the SettlementCentral.Com Directory of Legal Information on Liability Insurance Policy Limits Settlements in Personal Injury Insurance Injury Claims
NOW, let's take a look at some of the topics included on the members' side of SettlementCentral.Com, your Internet resource for settling self-help personal injury insurance claims.
Throughout the entire site members are taught ways to maximize their personal injury insurance claim settlement. You may think some of these tips as simple common sense, but be assured; they are not in common use-even by MOST personal injury attorneys. You stand a better chance of maximizing your injury claim settlement if you use these suggestions.
1. The first thing to remember is to always be an effective communicator:
  • Keep good records. Take the time to organize your materials. Keep up a confidential personal diaryGo to PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM DIARY. This will pay good dividends with both the doctor (in making a more accurate record in your file) and the insurance claim adjuster.
  • Do your homework. Before you send in your demand letter, be sure to make a thorough review of your records. Our members are instructed in the Essential Documentation in the Medical Records and How to Correct Medical Records in Error.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the adjuster You may be opposite in your approach, but this does not mean that you treat the insurance representatives as an enemy. A professional and positive attitude will best help to earn a maximum settlement of your insurance claim.
  • You do not need any particular education or negotiation skills to settle your own claim. Settlement negotiations need not be difficult or mysterious. Members are instructed in straightforward ways of responding to offers.

There is no special way of talking or posturing that one has to assume to be successful. In fact, the most effective negotiator is the person who remains authentic. The only real secret is to be prepared, and SettlementCentral.Com has the best instructions for maximizing your personal injury insurance claim!

2. Members are instructed in another important step to maximize their settlement in the section Managing Your Medical Care. This is a key to successful personal injury settlements because, as one adjuster put it: "If it is not in the medical records, it did not happen." So learn how to use one of the main SettlementCentral.Com secrets for a top dollar personal injury insurance claim settlement.

3. A Successful Demand Letter is the driving force that starts the negotiation and insurance injury claim settlement process. Our members section offers numerous examples of easy to understand instructions, examples, and numerous paragraphs to be incorporated in your demand letter.

4. In Six Secret Strategies for Success we have included six essential steps to success in your own insurance claim negotiations. You do not need any particular skill or education to achieve a MAXIMUM INSURANCE INJURY CLAIM SETTLEMENT. Just adhere as closely as possible to the Six Secret Strategies for Success.

5. You should be aware of the steps to respond to the insurance claims adjuster. You will want to respond to the insurance adjuster's settlement offer in writing. Your letter should serve four purposes outlined inYour Response to the Insurance Claim Adjuster's Offer of Settlement: The Second Salvo Letter.

6. There are Nine Proven Ways to Ruin Your Chances of Getting a Fair Injury Claim Settlement. Members learn keys to personal injury accident documentation, tips on record keeping, and what to avoid discussing when you are talking with friends and family.

7. Finally, we suggest that you prepare yourself for the call from the adjuster. Members are instructed in ways to field the call. Scripts are provided to guide you in these discussions.
Take a load off yourself, and rely upon the proven experience of SettlementCentral.Com personal injury attorney and insurance claims adjuster experts to lay out the steps for you to achieve a top dollar personal injury insurance claim settlement. We have easy-to-follow instructions, and forms and demand letters and templates that allow anyone willing to work to settle his own car accident injury claim with any insurance claims adjuster.
Some of the contents offered only in our member section!
  • What if the adjuster really is a jerk and there is no way to earn his cooperation?Members onlyMembers only
  • Going Above the Head of the Adjuster: contacting the supervisor or the state Insurance CommissionerMembers onlyMembers only
  • Negotiation Secrets to MAXIMIZE your personal injury insurance settlementMembers onlyMembers only
  • Managing Your Medical Care for complete healing and better insurance injury claim resultsMembers onlyMembers only
  • Demand Letters with easy to understand instructions, examples, and numerous paragraphs to be incorporated in your own demand letterMembers onlyMembers only
  • Interim Reports of Medical Condition and Wage Loss: the benefits of keeping the adjuster up to speed on your bodily injury recoveryMembers onlyMembers only
  • Six Secret Strategies for SuccessMembers onlyMembers only
  • Your Response to the Adjuster's Offer of Settlement: The Second Salvo LetterMembers onlyMembers only
  • Nine Proven Ways to Ruin Your Chances of Getting a Fair insurance Injury Claim SettlementMembers onlyMembers only
  • Negotiation Script to Keep With File Near the PhoneMembers onlyMembers only

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