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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it legal to settle a claim myself?
  2. Should I take the insurance adjusters cash offer?
  3. How much more time will I have to spend if I do it myself?
  4. How much money am I likely to make by doing it myself?
  5. Will the insurance adjuster take me seriously?
  6. What are 'damages' and how do I compute them?
  7. What is a demand letter?
  8. How long will it take me to settle the claim myself?
  9. What forms do I need to fill out to settle my claim?
  10. How much money should I ask for?
  11. If it is so easy, why do so many people use attorneys?
  12. How effective are my letters going to be?
  13. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

1. Is it legal to settle my personal injury insurance claim myself?

Yes, it is perfectly legal in all states to settle your own insurance injury compensation claims. No attorney is required; nor-as you will discover-is an attorney needed in most small-to-medium value insurance injury claims (e.g., up to $40,000). See the link for more on the topic of why one should 'do-it-yourself' to settle insurance personal injury claims from auto accidents, dog bites, or slip and fall (premises liability) accidentsGo to WHY DO IT YOURSELF?.

2. I received an offer of cash money settlement from the insurance bodily injury adjuster, should I take it?

It is probably not in your best interest. Insurance companies attempt to settle personal injury claims as quickly as possible; that way, when the injury requires additional treatment, they often avoid having to pay for higher medical bills and more pain and suffering. Once you accept an injury award settlement that is it. Absent unusual circumstances, you cannot reopen the case. We respectfully suggest that you wait until you are nearly fully recovered from your bodily injuries before you settle the insurance compensation claim. See the link for a more thorough discussion of this topicGo to RULES OF THE GAME.

3. How much more time will I have to spend if I do it myself?

None. You will actually save time if you handle your own insurance compensation claim.
Whether you hire an attorney or use a do-it-yourself approach, you will be required to devote some time to your claim for damages in order to achieve a satisfactory settlement. If you hire an attorney, that attorney will give you certain tasks to perform so that he can be prepared to negotiate an insurance injury claim settlement on your behalf. There is no way around this!
You will have to devote a substantial amount of time educating the attorney and the attorney's staff about the facts related to your personal injury claim. Relying upon our experience and knowledge about the realities of how attorneys practice law, in average, small-to-medium injury claims, SCC members will surely be able to achieve a full and satisfactory insurance personal injury claim settlement and yet save a lot of time as compared to the babysitting you will have to do in order to move your claim through the attorney's office.
Remember, without your participation, an attorney or the attorney's staff cannot magically produce the history of your motor vehicle accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or your subsequent treatment. Will the attorney or the attorney's staff know all of the facts of your claim better than you? OF COURSE NOT! The reality of the practice of law is that you will have to communicate all of the information relevant to your injury compensation claim to the attorney and the attorney's staff; you will have to fill out their office forms, and, in the event that a new attorney or staff member is assigned to your case, you may have to repeat that process all over again. Additionally, time will be expended driving to and from the attorney's office and waiting in his aptly named 'waiting room'.
See the link for a detailed analysis showing that you will save time versus using an attorneyGo to YOU WILL SAVE TIME AND HASSLE DOING IT YOURSELF.

4. How much money am I likely to make by doing it myself to settle my own personal injury insurance claim?

You will make a lot of money by eliminating the attorney.
SCC believes that the greatest benefit of using a do-it-yourself approach to achieve a satisfactory settlement of your claim is that YOU CAN MAKE A LOT MONEY! This is because you can do most everything the attorney will do-and more in most cases-at no cost to you whatsoever. It is fairly standard for attorneys to undertake an injury claim on a 1/3 contingent fee basis, i.e. they will charge you, as their fee, 1/3 of your insurance compensation settlement. SettlementCentral.Com's '5 Easy Steps' will assist you and that 33?% will be put back into YOUR wallet.
Click on the link to see a graphic demonstration of how much the attorney will be taking in his fees and costsGo to YOU WILL SAVE A LOT OF MONEY DOING IT YOURSELF.

5. Will the insurance injury claims adjuster take me seriously?

Absolutely! Personal injury claims insurance adjusters appreciate dealing with well-prepared people, and you can be assured that they will take your presentation very seriously.

6. What are personal injury 'damages' and how do I compute them?

'Damages' are all the compensation you are entitled to and are designed to make you as 'whole' as possible from the bodily injury sustained in an auto accident, dog bite, or slip and fall (premises liability) insurance compensation claim. Compensable damages are in two categories, 'special damages' (chiropractor and medical doctor bills, pharmacy costs, physical therapy, lost wages, transportation, etc) and 'general damages' (pain and suffering endured, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of relationship with spouse, value of lost ability to participate in activities, etc.). Our material breaks the categories down by individual components and directs you to compute damages to establish a monetary value for your personal injury insurance compensation claim.

7. What is a personal injury settlement demand letter?

While it may sound rude to folks not in the insurance industry, that is the name of the letter that signals the beginning of the settlement process. It outlines the demand for compensation for the bodily injuries sustained in any personal injury tort. SettlementCentral.Com instructs our subscribing members on when and how to organize the elements necessary to create a well structured and thoughtful demand letter: We also offer numerous sample demand letters that apply to several different injury circumstances.

8. How long will it take me to settle the insurance injury claim myself?

Certainly no longer than if you hired an attorney, given that your personal injury case is just one of many that the attorney has. You only have one case to look after. The only one that you will have to 'educate' on your claim is the personal injury insurance claims adjuster. You and she will work with her to finalize your settlement.
How long it will take depends upon the seriousness of your injury and your time for recovery. But, for example, if you have a 'garden variety' personal injury soft tissue claim, you should be able to complete treatment and settle the insurance cash money claim in the range of six to nine months.

9. What forms do I need to fill out to settle my insurance compensation injury claim?

Unless it is a tort claim against a governmental agency, there is no specific form or format to be completed to settle your insurance injury claim. Depending on your situation a simple demand letter may suffice to settle your bodily injury claim. SettlementCentral.Com provides all the personal injury insurance claims information and forms you would ever need.

10. How do I know how much money to ask for my personal injuries?

The usual rule of thumb is that victims of an auto accident, dog bite, or premises liability accident are entitled to a multiple of from 2 to 5 times the medical damages, plus other special damages on top of that. Our materials will direct you in valuing your claim and in the negotiation process with the insurance injury claims adjuster to reach a reasonable injury award settlement.
The bottom line is what you feel is sufficient compensation, given your own situation, time in recovery, pain and suffering, your injuries, the cost of expenses, and wages lost you will arrive at value that is fair to you.

11. If it is so easy to settle a personal injury insurance claim yourself, why do so many people use attorneys?

Many people do not know that they can-and should-settle their own insurance compensation claim. The attorney industry has done a good job of snowing people to believe that the process is somehow difficult or hard to understand. This is known as establishing a priesthood industry, where people believe they have to go through the 'priest' to resolve a complex problem.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of auto accident, animal bite, or slip and fall cases do not involve any legal issues beyond common sense. An attorney is neither required, nor even desirable. As we say, "Using our simple forms and demand letter templates, even a blind dog with a note in his mouth can get an insurance cash settlement." Regular folks can get a good personal injury cash settlement:; no special education or special training or background whatsoever is required. SettlementCentral.Com provides all the information and forms and letters necessary to settle your personal injury case.

12. How effective are my letters going to be with the insurance adjuster handling my personal injury compensation claim?

Even without using SettlementCentral.Com, your letters would be as effective as any letters from any another source, including attorneys. Insurance injury claims adjusters need information to settle a claim, and your letters provide that missing information.
Your letters will be highly effective and persuasive should you elect to use the resources at SettlementCentral.Com. Our simple legal forms, legal letters, and legal templates will allow you to effectively communicate those elements and concepts required in moving your insurance injury claim to a significant cash money settlement.

13. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely! This is a totally risk-free, 100% satisfaction guaranteed offer. While we cannot guarantee your success with the insurance adjuster, years and years of experience in serving injured people have convinced us that the insurance personal injury settlement information we provide is the 'right stuff'. SettlementCentral.Com offers a 15-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the site's content, which includes the understanding that new content may be created to fill any holes you believe to exist. At this discounted price, members will have to have some patience with us if we have not yet produced just what they are looking for; so we expect to learn what is needed and then we will create the information for them and send it along. There in no guarantee once SettlementCentral.Com commences to respond to individual requests for information, examples, or documents.