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SettlementCentral.Com is peerless: it has no "competition" because it is a unique concept brought to the Internet for the first time. No where else can you find information presented by the best of four worlds-experienced trial attorneys, insurance adjusters, doctors, and chiropractors have all contributed to the presentation on this website. No one else can make that claim.
Please compare SettlementCentral.Com with our "competition", and you will see that we have no real competition because nobody even comes close to covering the topic of how to settle your own personal injury claims as we do.

Attorney "Free Legal Advice" Sites (which are nothing more than law office advertisements) Book #1 How to Win your PI Claim By J L Matthews (Nolo) "Law" or "Legal" Websites (which are nothing more than a referral service for attorneys who pay to be listed) Book #2 Auto Accident PI by Dan Baldyga Settlement Central.Com
What to do after accident Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adjuster Interview explained Yes NO NO Yes Yes
Questions you can expect to be asked by the adjuster NO NO NO NO Yes
Dog Bite coverage NO, Only Three Sites Yes NO NO Yes
Slip 'n Fall coverage NO, Only Two Site Yes NO NO Yes
How to Manage Your Medical Care NO Yes NO NO Yes
Discussion of abuses by insurance companies with "independent" medical exams (IME) NO NO NO NO, barely a brief mention of it. Yes
Instructions on how to "take" an IME NO NO NO NO Yes
Instructions on how to write a demand letter with templates you can use NO Yes NO NO, just a brief outline of what to include Yes
Instructions on how to present and negotiate your claim with letters to the adjuster used tactically NO Yes NO Yes, but just a brief outline on the process Yes
How to get a discount on attorneys' fees NO NO NO NO Yes
Attorneys available for consultation at low hourly rate NO NO NO NO Yes
Attorneys available for representation at discount rate NO NO NO NO Yes

Plus, when fully operational, SettlementCentral.Com will allow great flexibility to those who are pursuing a claim for personal injury by allowing members to complete simple downloadable letters themselves, or to have a trained legal assistant do everything in the claim for them except talk to the insurance adjuster.
SettlementCentral.Com is the first of its kind: no one is providing anything like this. We are so confident that you cannot find written material or services of this quality anywhere on the net that if you do, we will give you a 50% discount off the membership price.


SettlementCentral.Com beats using an attorney all to heck unless yours is a case that is best handled by an attorneyGo to CASES BEST HANDLED BY AN ATTORNEY. We can make these remarks about attorneys because we have been the attorneys in the same position as described below. We have let many files pile up on our floors and we have waited for two years to settle cases that should have been settled in six months. These are not uncommon complaints about personal injury attorneys.

  • You will never save time or hassle by handing your case off to an attorney. In fact it will be just the opposite: you will find it more frustrating dealing with an attorney than handling it on your own.
  • See "You will save time and hassle doing it yourself!"Go to YOU WILL SAVE TIME AND HASSLE DOING IT YOURSELF. Note that you WILL HAVE TO PROVIDE THE SAME INFORMATION TO THE ATTORNEY as you would if you did it on your own. Did you think that a list of your witnesses is just going to sprout from your file in the attorney's office? Of course not, you are going to have to prepare that list on your own, and then talk to the assistant about it on the phone, and finally, you will get to drive down to the attorney's "waiting room", and talk to the attorney about it. As shown in the link, it is a lot easier to just do it on your own.
  • Consider any of the information that the attorney must have to proceed with your case, and you will see that you are going to be the source of that information. Do you think that somehow your medical history and work background will just appear in the attorney's file through osmosis? It is going to take a lot more time for you to draw up the lists, or to lay out your history and background, to travel to sit in the "waiting room" and to then see the attorney and to go over everything with him, than it will take to just write down what you know and make it part of the written presentation to the insurance adjuster.

"ATTORNEYS FOR PENNIES A DAY" or other subscription services are a waste of money when it comes to personal injury claims. Why? Because they exempt personal injury claims from the free services, and instead they make you pay, just as you would if you sought out your own attorney. So why would you ever choose a subscription service such as this if you get stuck with one of their attorneys whose competency and experience are not matters of your choice, but still you have to pay his fee just as if you hired him from the free market.
The only difference is that instead of having an opportunity to pick out the best attorney, you are stuck with an attorney whose practice was so marginal that he had to sign up to take on subscription clients at a reduced rate. A successful personal injury trial attorney will never sign up to a subscription service because his practice offers a much more lucrative reward, and it would cost him a lot of money to take on the low-paying work from a subscription service.
Think about what kind of attorney has to contract with such subscription services by asking yourself if you were a successful attorney with a well-paying practice, why would you ever give up some of your practice to do work for a reduced fee in order to take clients from a subscription service.
Comparison Chart
A brief examination of comparison chart will quickly disclose that there is NO COMPARABLE SERVICE ANYWHERE: SettlementCentral.Com has no peers. Just the same, some sites pretend to give the visitor some information, but it is always just a well-worn piece of general information, and never anything specific or with teeth in it that they can actually use in pursuing their claim.
We respectfully invite you to make your own comparison among the books and websites that blare out "Free Legal Advice!", Lawyers for Pennies a Day!", "Personal Injury Attorney's Advice", and the like. See if you don't agree that their "advice" consists of some pretty general advice that is of no particular help in guiding you through the process to achieve a settlement.
While the books cited do contain some helpful suggestions, much of it is general in nature, and with little depth. Neither of them has any guidance on the current hot topic for insurance company abuse: the so-called "independent" medical examination.
For that matter, not one of the sources has much useful information on the most important topics in personal injury claims. Want an example? Take the treatment given to the first phone call from the adjuster and advice regarding how to respond. What may seem at first to be a simple tape recorded interview with an adjuster could turn out to be the single most important impediment to obtaining a fair settlement.
Not one of the sources listed provided any guidance or instructions on how to give a recorded interview with the adjuster. Yet this initial interview will control the case to its completion inasmuch as what you say will be your testimony and you will not be able to modify or change things that are already on tape.
Then take a look at SettlementCentral.Com. We offer a complete explanation and background discussion of what the adjuster is trying to do in her first interview, and then we go on to identify all the questions you could expect to be asked regarding your type of accident. When you are thus well-armed and prepared, think about how secure you will feel in the event you were to elect to give the adjuster a recorded statement.