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Upon payment of a six-month subscription fee of ONLY $99.95, members of SettlementCentral.Com will have full and complete password access, for six months, to the Members Only portion of this Web site, which provides extensive information and resources to assist the members in managing their medical/therapeutic care, assembling necessary information about their claim, submitting their own claim, engaging in settlement negotiations with thetortfeasor and/or insurance companies, and assistance in understanding and using the Small Claims Court system.
Members have the right to renew for up to one additional six-month terms at the low cost of $5.00 per term. As we grow the site, our membership fee will increase accordingly. But members will retain the right to renew for just $5.00 per six month term.

As in the Public Area, information in the Members Only portion of this Web site is presented in a simple, easy-to-follow format. For those members desiring more information about a particular subject, supplemental information is available.

Membership includes access to detailed information, forms and sample letters, and also (when the $249.95 site is launched) includes two 30-minute consultations with the member's choice of our skilled Professional Service Providers (PSPs)Go to PSPSComing soon in the legal, medical/therapeutic and insurance fields. If desired, members may purchase additional time with our PSPs Coming soon at special member-discounted rates.

When the $247.50 site is launched, for an additional cost, independent attorneysGo to ATTORNEYS - OVERVIEW are available for consultation or to be hired for representation to resolve the claim. Coming soon Such attorneys do not work for SettlementCentral.Com; we merely provide you with a list of competent attorneysGo to COMPARE WITH "COMPETITION" for those times when you feel the need for legal assistance. We have also negotiated a discounted rate for you when using their services. Coming soon

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