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Whiplash: What Is It and What to Do About It


Whiplash is an injury to the cervical spine (the neck) caused by an abrupt jerking motion of the head, either backward or forward. A common cause for whiplash is automobile accidents, particularly "rear end collisions."
The injury may seems minor, but even a seemingly minor neck injury can have potentially serious consequences.

What to do

The most important first step if you believe you have a whiplash injury is to get immediate medical attention. Medical professions, such as physicians, osteopaths and chiropractors, are trained to diagnose, evaluate and treat whiplash and other skeletal injuries. Learn more about how chiropractors can treat whiplash injuries
Once a medical professional has evaluated and treated your physical injury, it may be necessary to seek legal treatment as well to recover the costs resulting from your injury. SettlementCentral.Com provides the tools necessary to get a fair personal injury settlement without the additional expense of hiring an attorney.
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