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What SettlementCentral.Com can do to help you settle your own personal injury insurance claim

SettlementCentral.Com is an online educational resource created to provide personal injury insurance claim information to the public and more detailed information to our members who desire to use an online do-it-yourself or self-help approach to satisfactorily resolving their personal injury claims. Rather than fight traffic and wait in an attorney's "waiting" room, why don't you empower yourself by using the most effective accident tips and suggestions from all over the Internet?

If you are willing to do some work (much of which you will have to do for an attorney anyway), we show you how to write your own demand letter and to obtain your own insurance claim settlement offer and successfully negotiate your injury claim. No one knows your personal injury case better that you do! We will help you to know when your personal injury case requires an attorney.
We also offer a low-cost 6 month membership, through a secure credit card transaction. Best of all, if you sign NOW, once you have subscribed it costs only FIVE dollars to renew your access for an additional 6 months! You can renew your membership and enjoy the benefits of being a member regardless of future price changes!
Membership includes access to more detailed information, personal injury forms, insurance adjuster sample letters, and downloadable templates. If desired, members may purchase consultation time with our attorneys at special member-discounted rates.
For the amazing discounted attorney rate of only $95.00/hour, our members have access to independent personal injury attorneysGo to ATTORNEYS - OVERVIEW are available for consultation1 or to be hired for representationGo to SAVE ON ATTORNEY FEES to resolve the claim at a discounted attorney fee rate2. Such attorneys do not work for SettlementCentral.Com; but we will put you in contact with carefully selected competent personal injury attorneys for those times when you feel the need for legal assistance. The good news is we have negotiated a steep discounted rate for you when using their services for more than half the price of a regular consultation fee. Remember regular consultation fees for a personal injury attorney are usually around $200 per hour.

We want to educate you enough that insurance companies and others who might be parties to your injury claims cannot take advantage of you. Beyond that we also want to train you enough that, if you choose to hire a personal injury attorney, you will be able to negotiate a financial arrangement that is favorable to you, NOT to him.

1 Guaranteed consultation for up to five hours.
2 We cannot guarantee an attorney will accept your case for representation; however, our attorney might refer your case to another competent attorney who will also honor the discounted attorney fee arrangement.