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Who We Are

SettlementCentral.Com, Inc. is a Washington state corporation providing general educational information, online, to personal injury victims throughout the United States. We teach accident victims how to manage their own personal injury claims throughout the settlement process—from gathering the necessary information (evidence), to submitting claims and demand letters, through engaging in successful personal injury settlement negotiations with insurance companies.

Our online instructions and self-help forms and letters are designed to make for easy insurance claims settlements in the areas of auto accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, vicious animal bites, premises liability, and slip and fall accidents. In addition, we focus on the types of common injuries, such as whiplash (also known as neck sprain or neck strain), low back injuries, and other more serious injuries from accidents.

We are professionals who have assisted victims of personal injury for many years as TRIAL ATTORNEYS. Now we share our knowledge of the settlement process, for two reasons. First, by the turn of the century we could see that there was no way that we—as attorneys—could do any better on small-to-medium size claims than a well-informed, hard working lay person.

Unlike in past years, there was NO increase in the insurance company offer just because we got involved in the case. The offers to us were the same as the offers to the well-prepared lay person. The insurance industry was daring us to file lawsuits because they knew that by the time we had become involved with interrogatory answers and depositions and motions and the like, the time consumed would result in an unsatisfactorily low hourly rate for our legal practices.

Most states do have mandatory arbitration for claims under $25,000, and by the turn of the century we also knew that most arbitration awards that favored the plaintiff WERE APPEALED TO JURY TRIALS by the insurers. True, most never went to jury trial, but by merely filing the appeal, the insurers gained both extra time to hold onto their money for investment purposes, but more importantly, they were able in most cases to shake down the plaintiffs for a voluntary reduction from the arbitration award.

Having put in such extensive time in the case, we trial attorneys were reluctant to make any fee reductions. Hence, as a result of all of this delay, and our standing fast on our fees, we could see that our clients were truly not being served as well as if they had proceeded pro se, CONDITIONED upon their becoming informed on insurance claim processes AND that they were willing to do some work.

Obviously, the second reason for this website is that we are a for-profit business. We have put in thousands of hours in sharing with lay victims all that we know about insurance claims and settlements. We feel it is reasonable to charge a modest amount to access this material, which now totals in the thousands of pages.

Our goal at SettlementCentral.Com is to educate those individuals who desire to resolve their injury claims using a do-it-yourself or self-help insurance claims settlement approach. Our members will be guided to prepare insurance settlement demand letters well, gathering necessary information and paperwork in a timely manner that may allow significant savings on legal fees.

Our most recent hourly rates among the attorney founders of SettlementCentral.Com averaged over $275 an hour. For around one-third of the cost of talking to us for an hour, we offer a low-cost six-month membership, through a secure credit card transaction. Plus, there is a low cost renewal fee of only $5 for another six months!

Membership includes access to more detailed information on all aspects of submitting insurance claim settlement letters online; we offer self-help personal injury, forms and sample letters. And check out this guarantee: if you feel you need information of examples that we do not have, we guarantee to provide that to you at no additional cost whatsoever! Hence, you have nothing to risk, but a tremendous tool for your insurance settlement to gain.


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