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Personal Injury Attorneys and Insurance Claims Adjusters at SettlementCentral.Com Make it Simple and Easy to Settle Your Injury Claim: Do It Yourself and Save

Dr. Settlement knowsDr. Settlement knows from 28 years of legal experience how to maximize your personal injury insurance claim! All together, our attorneys and insurance adjusters at SettlementCentral.Com have nearly 150 years of experience in successful settlement of personal injury insurance claims.
We provide you with what you want, authoritive help to get the full insurance settlement you deserve, free from attorneys' fees.
Let Dr. Settlement show you how SettlementCentral.Com works for an easy maximum personal injury insurance settlement.
"The first rule I have is "KISS": Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. This personal injury insurance claim settlement business is basically a simple process, probably no more than five steps. I think this whole process boils down to just doing the same work you would if you hired an attorney-someone just like me-or whether you do it yourself."
"I would encourage you to look at this comparison chart to see what kind of work you can expect to do, and this is true whether or not you hire an attorney. It is true, personal injury attorneys are NO SAVINGS AT ALL in your time. That is because they require you to do much of the work yourself; plus they make you drive to their office and wait for them."
"I read a recent Bar Association report that stated the average time spent in a personal injury attorney's "waiting room" was 44 minutes! I only figured 17 minutes waiting per visit in my example, so that report would make it even worse for using a personal injury attorney. While you are on that page, don't forget to look at the right-hand margin where I have some other reasons why you should settle your own personal injury claim on a do it yourself basis-using our information and forms, of course."
"Now, on to the main topic of this page, my 5 Easy Steps To Settle Your Insurance Injury Claim, or as our group likes to call them: Dr. Settlement's Simple Secrets to Successful Settlements! But there are no secrets, really. It just takes some work and guidance. I can help you with the latter, and you do the work, and all will turn out fine with your claim."
"One last thing about using these steps: YOU get to control the flow of your insurance claim; YOU get to decide when to send in your demand letter; everything is done at the time of YOUR choice, not as dictated by the order of files in the stack on the attorney's floor. Believe me, I have been there, and I was as guilty as the next attorney of keeping a rat's nest of files on the floor around (and behind) my desk. And, yes, I will admit to losing track of claims that were in that stack. Just prevent that from happening to you by taking control of your own claim from the outset, OK?"

5 Easy Do It Yourself Steps to Settle Your Insurance Injury Claim for the Maximum Amount of Cash


Step 1: Send Documentation That Will Help the Adjuster to Pay You the Maximum Amount for Your Claim!

  • Documentation is the key to obtaining full value for your injury claim. Former Insurance Adjusters at SettlementCentral.Com know what is required to open the treasury of the insurance industry, and they will share their secrets for success with you.
  • What We Do: SettlementCentral.Com will help you to know which areas of proof most likely lack evidence and we will provide all the templates and examples you need to Do-It-Yourself.
Online Free Legal Information From www.SettlementCentral.Com: "Do-It-Yourself Personal Injury Insurance Claims Information: DOCUMENTATION."

Step 2: Obtain Timely Treatment from a Care Provider Who Will Make an Accurate, HELPFUL Record for You

  • Wage Loss and Medical Expense Payment Problems? SettlementCentral.Com information resolves these problems for you.
  • Our Managing Your Medical Care section gives INNNOVATIVE INSTRUCTIONS on how to get good medical/therapeutic care with medical treatment records that will enhance the value of your claim.
SettlementCentral.Com: Heal Your Body from Injuries and Help Your Insurance Claim With Competent Medical or Chiropractic Treatment.

Step 3: Easy-to-Use Tips for Most EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION With the Adjuster

  • For the best injury claim award, you need to communicate effectively.
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE letters, templates and tips found at our site help you communicate with the insurance company in their language.
  • Our personal injury DEMAND LETTERS are an easy and effective way to respond to offers and make counter-offers. Proven success in getting a maximum injury award.
A Large Part of The Valuation of Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim is How You Communicate With The Insurance Adjuster. Thus, www.SettlementCentral.Com has provided free "Tips for Effective Communications With an Insurance Claims Adjuster."

Step 4: Gather and Organize Facts, Records, Reports

  • SettlementCentral.Com provides online tools and suggestions for gathering and organizing your facts for your personal injury claim.
  • Our examples and templates allow you to present your insurance claim in a thorough, easy-to-understand format for the adjuster, ensuring a faster and larger recovery.
  • Gather and organize instructions that make it easy to use the formats required to present your claim in the online demand letters
An Effective Tool to Gather and Organize Your Accident Claim Facts, Records, and Reports is the Confidential Personal Diary. Www.SettlementCentral.Com members have access to a most "Effective Tool in Making Your Insurance Claim Demand Letter."

Step 5: Present and Settle Claim Professionally

Clear, Concise, Useful Examples, Scripts, and Templates:
  • Make a powerful response to the adjuster's first offer
  • Use settlement leverage to increase your award
  • How to present your documents for a successful demand letter
  • Guidance through all of the stages to a successful insurance settlement
SettlementCentral.Com Presents a Brief Sketch of How to Present Your Claim to The Insurance Adjuster: "Outline of Personal Injury Insurance Claim Demand Letter."
"OK, that is my list of 5 Easy Do It Yourself Steps to Settle Your Insurance Injury Claim For the Maximum Amount Of CASH. Those topics are fully treated in our members' side of SettlementCentral.Com."
"If you choose to join now for only $99.95 for six months of access to these valuable materials, I will throw in another six months of membership for only $5. Does that sound like a reasonable investment, given the rewards you stand to reap?"
"What is the risk and what is the reward? For $99.95 you cannot even buy an hour of an attorney's time, and there is NO WAY a personal injury attorney is EVER GOING TO LET YOU LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN and share the priesthood of information that will allow you to make a do it yourself settlement of your personal injury insurance claim."
"That is why my colleagues and I made this site to begin with: SettlementCentral.Com opens the doors to information necessary to help you do it yourself when it comes to getting a maximum settlement on your accident injury claim."
"What additional information would you want in order to know that we at SettlementCentral.Com can provide just exactly the information and forms and letters and templates to assist you in getting this job done by yourself?"
"I will personally guarantee you that we will either have what you need on our site to make a do it yourself insurance settlement, or we will create it for you, with your needs in mind-AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!" Personal Injury Insurance Settlement Information
Benefit much more by becoming a www.SettlementCentral.Com Member. Join Now! www.SettlementCentral.Com, Personal Injury Insurance Claim EXPERTS. and deal effectively with the insurance claim adjuster."
See what our members say: www.SettlementCentral.Com Members Settle Personal Injury Insurance Claims For Top Dollar
"Now, for those of you who feel like you need to save $99.95 and insist on trying to settle your own accident injury claims without the help of SettlementCentral.Com, I am going to first tell you that if you don't hire an attorney, AT LEAST GET SOME PROFESSIONAL information to show you the guideposts along the way. But if you want to check out some additional guidance, I will give you some pages that will flesh-out the barebones outline of the 5 Easy Steps to Personal Injury Settlement I listed above."
"I would not personally advise going this route, because it is so much easier to just get the most up to date effective insurance injury claim guidance, demand letters, and forms at SettlementCentral.Com, but we DO want to give our non-member visitors some help and reward them for taking the time to read our free insurance information site. Thus, I have included a listing of pages on our site that will give specific outlines and more details on how to complete those 5 Easy Steps to Settlement of Your Insurance Injury Claim."

Explore Other Pages With Valuable Information To Assist You In Settling Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim on a DO IT YOURSELF basis at SettlementCentral.Com:

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