Slip-and-fall Injury: Introduction

SettlementCentral.Com offers subscribed members detailed online information about preparing insurance claims for injuries stemming from Slip-and-fall Injuries - a major subsection of Premises Injuries.Go to PREMISES INJURY: INTRODUCTION Including, tips on gathering information after the injury, documenting everything and keeping copies, plus how to ask and answer questions that will be helpful as you build your personal injury case for successful settlement of your Slip-and-fall Injury claim.
A few extra areas to look into regarding Slip-and-fall Injuries are:
  • Is there a landlord separate from the occupant of the premises?
  • Whose insurance will cover the medical/therapeutic treatment required?
  • Whose insurance will cover time off work, transportation, etc.?
  • What caused the slip-and-fall to occur?
  • If the injury occurred in a commercial establishment, who was in charge at the time?
  • If the injury occurred at a relative's home or business, does that change the insurance coverage?
Keeping a Confidential Personal DiaryGo to PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM DIARY is an excellent idea.

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