Dog Bite, Animal Bite Personal Injury Claim: Introduction

 Dog bites and other animal bite accidents are on the rise. Each year a growing number of people are bitten and suffer serious pain and injuries resulting from the animal attack. Even if in most cases your insurance adjuster is willing to pay and settle, you are left alone to deal with the paperwork and the difficulty of handling your personal injury claim. Thinking about getting an attorney specialized in dog bite claims? Think again, armed with the knowledge that SettlementCentral.Com provides, you can do just as effective a job as a trained dog bite lawyer in settling your own personal injury claim.

SettlementCentral.Com teaches our subscribed members detailed information about preparing insurance claims for injuries resulting from Dog Bites or other Animal Bites. Including, gathering information after the dog bite injury, documenting everything and keeping copies, writing an effective animal bite demand letter, plus how to ask and answer questions after an animal bite injury.

A few extra areas to look into regarding Dog Bite/Animal Bite Injuries are:

  • Whose insurance will cover the medical/therapeutic treatment required?
  • Whose insurance will cover any other related expenses (time off work, transportation, etc.)?
  • Is severe emotional distress an issue?
  • Was the animal provoked?
  • Is the animal a dangerous breed (and what does that mean, legally)?
  • In some states, it also matters whether this was what is called legally a "first bite."

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