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Car Accidents: Handling the Accident Scene & Your Damaged Vehicle (Part 1)

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Here are just the first two of the insurance claims adjuster topics you might need to deal with to settle your own car accident claim: handling the accident scene and compensation for vehicle damage. Within days following a car accident injury, you will find yourself forced to make a lot of decisions, but at the same time, your mind will still be in a daze because you are still reeling from the car accident itself.

Take a load off yourself, and rely upon the proven experience of SettlementCentral.Com experts to lay out the steps for you to achieve a top dollar personal injury insurance claim settlement. We have easy-to-follow instructions, and forms and demand letters and templates that allow anyone willing to work to settle his own car accident injury claim with any insurance claims adjuster.

In this short page is Part 1 of SettlementCentral.Com's Directory of Information and Insurance Injury Claim Settlement Procedures. In Part 1, we will give you some of the topics we want you to consider right away, even if you decide not to join and become a member of SettlementCentral.Com. By the way, our commitment to providing good solid personal injury claims information without charge continues in our SettlementCentral.Com award-winning monthly personal injury claims newsletter, "Settle It Yourself". If you looked at all of the archives of the newsletter, you could just about settle your own insurance claim with no further help. So even if you are still "looking" to see what kind of help you may need, why not take a free subscription to our newsletter and benefit from the wealth of valuable information carried there each month? Privacy Guaranteed-we NEVER disclose our newsletter subscribers. The link is on the upper right of each page.

Here are the first two areas to master following a car accident:

1. The Scene of The Auto Accident

Here is a list of free articles discussing what needs to be done at the scene of the car accident-either on the day of your car wreck, or some convenient time when you can return with a friend to gather evidence and photograph.

2. Caring for Your Precious Motor Vehicle That Was Smashed up in the Car Wreck.

With your mind on fixing your bodily injuries first, and all the confusion in the first days, how in the world are you going to figure out your choices and rights following auto damage due to someone else's negligence? Fortunately, SettlementCentral.Com has complete free information on your rights and choices to repair, total, or buy back your motor vehicle following a car accident.

Here is a mini-directory of information to help focus your exercise of your rights.

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If you suffered personal injuries in an accident, you will likely require medical treatment or chiropractic care, and you need to figure out which insurance company is going to pay those medical bills. This section will present an outline of reasons for choosing wisely among available insurance companies.

Personal Injury Accident Insurance Claim: Insurance CompanyPayment of Accident Medical Expenses as Incurred.

Follow our 5 Simple Secrets to Successful Personal Injury Settlements and settle your own insurance injury claim for the maximum amount of cash, and in the time of your choice (not as dictated by the order of files in the stack on the attorney's floor).

Visit our Directory of Information on Car Accident Insurance Claims Procedures for a good starting point in learning how to settle your own personal injury car accident claim.

If you suffered permanent and disabling injuries, even soft tissue injuries, then your insurance injury claim could be of significant value. Thus, you might have to contend with insurance policy limits issues. Be sure to carefully read the SettlementCentral.Com Directory of Legal Information on Liability Insurance Policy Limits Settlements in Personal Injury Insurance Injury Claims

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