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Issue 33 Writing Letters to Insurance Claim Adjusters to Confirm Arrangements

• Do not rely on the insurance adjuster to take accurate notes of your conversations
How to correct or supplement information that has perviously been given
Example confirmation letter following your first call with the insurance adjuster

Previous Issues

Issue 32 Introduction to Subrogation

• What is subrogation?
• What you should know about the defenses to a subrogation claim
• How to work this issue to your advantage if you decide to hire an attorney

Issue 31 Your Guide to Caring for Your Damged Vehicle After an Auto Accident

• What should you do about your damaged vehicle immediately after the accident?
• How to select the best auto body shop
• Rental car rights
• When to hire a collision repair specialist

Issue 30 Your Guide Through the Sometimes Complicated & Mysterious Collision Repair (or Replacement) Process

• How to identify the players without a program: basic definitions in auto body repair and replacement
• Frequently asked questions on car wreck repair answered by Dr. Settlement
• Useful resources for auto accident property damage questions and insurance adjuster relationships

Issue 29 Diminished Value of Your Vehicle—What it is And How to Make a Claim for a Cash Insurance Settlement

• Frequently asked questions on diminished value
• A comprehensive guide through the collision repair process
• How to protect your investment through intelligent use of professional services

Issue 28 What to Do When a Hit & Run Driver or Phantom Car Causes Personal Injuries and Property Damage

• Six ways to prove that your auto accident was caused by a phantom car
• Factors that will increase or decrease the value of your claim
• Hit and run or phantom car insurance claims require special cooperation with your insuarce company

Issue 27 Factors That Will Increase or Decrease the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

• Nine proven ways to ruin your chances of getting a fair injury award
• List of the factors that will increase or decrease your injury settlement
• Determining the value of general damages

Issue 26  Insurance "Independent" Medical Examinations (IME)

• What is an IME?
• Why would you have to get an IME?
• Avoid “claims factory” IME doctors

Issue 25  Chiropractic is THE Most Effective Means of Treating Soft Tissue Accident Injuries

  • Chiropractors are more likely to understand and support your pursuit of an injury claim
  • More likely to work on a lien basis when insurance refuses to pay for services
  • Chiropractic treatment helps you feel better, faster
  • Find a competent and caring chiropractor near you

Issue 24 Statute of Limitations

  • What does the statute of limitations mean to my injury case?
  • How can I find out what the statute of limitations are in my state?
  • Are there any exemptions to the statute of limitations?

Issue 23 What to Do when You Receive No Response to Your Demand Letter

  • Is there a standard requirement for the adjuster to respond within a certain time frame?
  • How long should you wait for a response?
  • What should you do when there is NO RESPONSE to your demand letter?

Issue 22 - Policy Limits Settlements in Personal Injury Insurance Claims

  • Special preview of our new policy limits section
  • Four initial topics to consider if you have suffered a serious bodily injury that might exceed insurance policy limits
  • Should you accept the full insurance policy limits for a complete settlement of your personal injury?

Issue 21 - Denial of Chiropractic Payments by the Adjuster

  • Denial of benefits by discounting chiropractor billings that “exceed reasonable and customary” charges
  • Why your insurance SHOULD pay
  • How to get your insurance to pay these charges

Issue 20 - Denial of Chiropractic Payments by the Adjuster

  • Denial of benefits by alleging that chiropractic care is “palliative, not curative”
  • Why your insurance SHOULD pay
  • How to get your insurance to pay these charges

Issue 19 - Minor Claims

  • Is an Attorney Required to Present the Minor Settlement for Approval?
  • What Are the Costs and Fees For  Obtaining Court Approval for Settlement of a Minor's Insurance Injury Claim?
  • Who Pays for This Approval Process?

Issue 18 - Witnesses

  • Why YOU should contact witnesses before the adjuster
  • How to get information from your witnesses
  • How to present witness information to the insurance adjuster
  • What format to use to give your witness the most credibility

Issue 17 - When Should I Send My Demand Letter?

  • Do not settle until all permanent injuries are realized
  • It can be to your advantage to send your demand letter while you are still under active treatment
  • Can you reopen the claim later?

Issue 16 - What to do if you gave a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster

  • Why it is so important to know what you said
  • Why the insurance adjuster's record needs to be supplemented
  • Get a copy of your statement or writing ASAP

Issue 15 - Handling the First Call from the Insurance Adjuster

  • No tape recording
  • Keep your resolve to pursue this claim
  • Resist overtures toward an early settlement

Issue 14Should You Hire An Attorney To Settle Your Personal Injury Claim?

  • Should I hire an attorney?
  • It is legal to settle it myself?
  • Will hiring an attorney save me time?
  • How much money can I save settling it myself?

Issue 13 Evidence to Support Your Slip and Fall or Premises Liability Personal Injury Insurance Claim

  • Written Store Reports
  • Don't let embarrassment stop you
  • Photographs
  • Measurements

Issue 12 Why Insurers Try to Settle Cases as Soon as Possible

  • Do not cash that check!
  • Closing claims early saves the insurance company money
  • General damages are less in the first few weeks
  • How to respond to their offer

Issue 11 - How to Value Your Damaged Vehicle to Make an Insurance Claim Settlement

  • Document your case for additional money with the adjuster
  • Reimbursement for Significant Improvements
  • Salvage
  • Independent Appraiser
  • Damaged Personal Property

Issue 10 - Buying Auto Insurance (Part 2)

  • You Get What You Pay For
  • Think Preventive—Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Passengers
  • Purchasing Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Be Honest
  • Table of Insurance Coverage Requirements, by State

Issue 9 - Buying Auto Insurance

  • Consider a Lot More Than Just Cost
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Insurance Company Advertisements Deceive
  • Research Suggestions to Check Out Auto Insurance Companies

Issue 8

  • What is the Best Response after the Personal Injury Insurance Adjuster Gives His Settlement Offer?
  • Threatening “Bad Faith”
  • “Nibbling” at the Close of Negotiations Settle it Yourself Newsletter

Issue 7

  • Use Narrative Medical Reports to Settle Personal Injury Claims
  • Why Ask for a Narrative Report?
  • When to Use a Narrative Report
  • How to Obtain a Narrative Report
  • What will it Cost?

Issue 6

  • Documenting your pain
  • Getting the right information to your doctor
  • How to correct your medical records

Issue 5

  • The truth about Colossus
  • Does your insurance company use Colossus?
  • What can you do to fight back?

Issue 4

  • What are compensatory damages?
  • Special damages
  • General damages

Issue 3

  • When should you send out your Demand Letter
  • Don’t settle before you know the full extent of your injuries
  • Resist overtures toward an early settlement
  • Can you reopen the claim

Issue 2

  • Should I Sign the "Authorization for Release of Medical Records" Sent by the Adjuster?
  • Can I Make Changes on the Authorization Form Sent by the Adjuster During Personal Injury Claim Settlement Negotiations?
  • Who Should Obtain the Records - You or the Adjuster - During Personal Injury Claim Settlement Negotiations

Issue 1

  • Handling the first call from the insurance adjuster
  • No tape recording
  • Keep your resolve to pursue this claim
  • Resist overtures toward an early settlement