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What to Do when You Receive No Response to Your Demand Letter

• Is there a standard requirement for the adjuster to respond within a certain time frame?
• How long should you wait for a response?
• What should you do when there is NO RESPONSE to your demand letter?

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Hello!! Welcome to the June edition of Settlement Central’s Newsletter. We are pleased to share this newsletter with you, as our business is helping people get satisfactory settlements for their personal injury claims.

This month we will discuss what actions to take when the insurance adjuster does not respond to your demand letter.

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Failure of the Adjuster to Make a Timely Response to Your Demand Letter

Is there a standard requirement for the adjuster to respond within a certain time frame? Short answer, probably not. Most states have not established a standard requirement that an adjuster has a certain fixed number of days to get back to you. A few have codified standards through regulations issued by their insurance commissioners, but most have no standards whatsoever.

You could contact your state insurance commissioner and inquirer whether or not she has set standards for timely review of demand letters. But you will likely find that instead of setting a fixed number of days, a general standard of "reasonableness" pervades all discussion on this topic. Simple claims should be completed within three weeks; complex cases might take five weeks. It depends upon the difficulty, novelty, and complexity of the claim; if it or your injury or medical treatment is extensive, involving prior injuries, novel or unusual, then the review will take longer. But even if the adjuster is likely entitled to additional time to review your demand package, we still think he must account to you and let you know when you can expect to hear from him.

So just how long should you wait for a response? And what actions should you take if you have still not received one?

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Jeanine Steele
Publisher, Settle-It-Yourself Newsletter

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