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Minor Claims

  • Is an Attorney Required to Present the Minor Settlement for Approval?
  • What Are the Costs and Fees For  Obtaining Court Approval for Settlement of a Minor's Insurance Injury Claim?
  • Who Pays for This Approval Process?

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Hello!!  Welcome to the February edition of Settlement Central’s Newsletter.  We are pleased to share this newsletter with you, as our business is helping people get satisfactory settlements for their personal injury claims. 

In this issue, we will discuss the approval process in dealing with minor’s injury claims.

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Minor Claims


Children (minors) are defined in most states as persons under that age of 18 years.  Minors are susceptible to injury, just as adults are. However, different rules can apply to settling their injury claim. For example, if the liability is in dispute and there is a serious injury to a minor who is a passenger in a car you were driving, you are not going to be able to represent the claim because you might be one of the defendants. If a child under the age of six is injured - for example, in a premises liability case - the insurance company is likely not going to be able to contend that he was comparatively negligent. It will be presumed that a child under six is incapable of negligence.
Finally, once you have negotiated and agreed upon a reasonable settlement, there are specific rules regarding the investment and safeguarding of minor awards, and techniques for saving on taxes and controlling distribution in future years, called structured settlements.  Basically, you will have to petition the court to approve your child’s settlement.


Please Click here, for frequently asked questions about Minor Settlement Approval, including:

  • Is an Attorney Required to Present the Minor Settlement for Approval?
  • What Are the Costs and Fees For  Obtaining Court Approval for Settlement of a Minor's Insurance Injury Claim?
  • Who Pays for This Approval Process?

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