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Buying Auto Insurance

• Consider a Lot More Than Just Cost
• Glossary of Terms
• Insurance Company Advertisements Deceive
• Research Suggestions to Check Out Auto Insurance Companies

Settle-It-Yourself Newsletter

Hello!! Welcome to the April edition of Settlement Central’s Newsletter. We are pleased to share this newsletter with you, as our business is helping people get satisfactory settlements for their personal injury claims.

In this issue, we will start a two-part series auto insurance guide, including tips to understand why it is essential to research before you buy, the meaning of offered policy coverages, and the best ways to keep from incurring a premium surcharge because the insurance industry thinks you were slow to pay your Visa card, or perhaps you have too much (or too many) “open” unused credit card balances.

As always, we will post our articles on our website as they are sent out in the Settle-It-Yourself Newsletter. By the time this project is finished, our readers will have a rich resource available to them that should aid them much more than the Internet advice of some so-called “financial experts”, who have never had to encounter the courtroom-face of the insurance industry. Our hands-on battles with the insurance companies translate into useful and accurate information for our readers.


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Jeanine Steele
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Consider a Lot More Than Just Cost

We are all inundated daily with advertisements to buy low cost auto insurance. Please do not think about acting on such ads until you have the basis to make comparisons between companies. There is a vast difference between some companies in the way they handle:

Claims against you. Some not-so-friendly good neighbor companies are so hardnosed about paying their claims that the majority of claims end up in litigation. Did you want to expose yourself and your family to participating in a lawsuit just because your kid caused some injuries? Do you have any idea of the expense and hassle involved in meeting with your insurance attorney, attending depositions and participating in trial—all with no reimbursement for lost wages? Did you know that you can discover your chances of ending up in court if you insure with a company that is hardnosed about paying out on claims? See this here.

1. The way that this insurer under consideration comes to the aid of their own insureds when called upon to pay out for your medical treatments or underinsured motorist loses. Part of the reason they can offer low cost coverage might be that they deny a lot of claims for medical treatment that others would have paid. Did you know that you can discover whether the company you are considering has a history of denying medical treatment payments for its own insureds? See the link below.
2. Whether you premiums will be increased not for poor driving, but merely because of your temporary lapse in paying some bills not related to insurance, or your merely reporting of damage to your home (irrespective of whether or not insured by the company under consideration), or your good fortune in being able to pay off some credit cards, or to obtain a new one for transfer of balance, thus leaving you with access to a large amount of open credit.

Now, for you, our Settle-It-Yourself Newsletter subscribers, we have created a special page with a ton of additional tips in it. You will be given a link to it below. For truly helpful, informative, additional FREE help on your best options for buying auto insurance, including topics such as:
• Consider a Lot More Than Just Cost
• Glossary of terms
• Insurance Company Advertisements Deceive
• Research Suggestions to Check Out Auto Insurance Companies

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