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February 2004

  • Use Narrative Medical Reports to Settle Personal Injury Claims
  • Why Ask for a Narrative Report?
  • When to Use a Narrative Report
  • How to Obtain a Narrative Report
  • What will it Cost?

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Hello!!  Welcome to the February edition of Settlement Central’s Newsletter.  We are pleased to share this newsletter with you, as our business is helping people get satisfactory settlements for their personal injury claims. 

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In this month’s issue, we will discuss narrative medical reports.  Narrative reports are a tremendous tool to be used in obtaining optimum settlement value for most claims.

Thank you for your interest in our site; we hope you will find us to be an excellent source for your own personal injury needs!!

Jeanine Steele

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Using Narrative Medical Reports to Settle Personal Injury Claims

A narrative medical report is a letter format discussion of all or part of your medical record. But it can also be a specific essay written by the doctor on one topic, dealing, for example, solely with the issue of whether or not the patient will have the expectation of pain and suffering in the future. There are, of course, many specifics that can help you use your doctor's narrative report as a tool for getting the settlement you deserve.

Most attorneys and claimants do not use narrative reports because they think the medical aspects are adequately covered in the medical records.  On the contrary, insurance adjusters tell us they would like to see a well-developed medical history and treatment narrative, as opposed to a collection of handwritten chart notes and even typed office notes. The adjuster will wade through the latter, but she is more likely to give greater weight to something she can more easily understand and access for information. Hence, she will be more likely to read and digest narrative reports because the doctor has eliminated some of the work she would be required to do in reading notes by putting together something that is easy to read and understand.  The result will be a higher award for the claimant who invested in a narrative report.

For truly helpful, informative, additional free help on understanding narrative report topics such as:

  • When to Use a Narrative Report

  • How to Obtain a Narrative Report

  • What will it Cost?

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