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Our own David Jackson is known as "Dr. Settlement, J.D." because of the success he has had in teaching others how to achieve great settlements in their own insurance claims.

Dr. Settlement knows from 28 years of legal experience how to maximize your personal injury insurance claim! All together, our attorneys and insurance adjusters at www.SettlementCentral.com have nearly 150 years of experience in successful settlement of personal injury insurance claims.
We provide you with what you want, authoritive help to get the full insurance settlement you deserve, free from attorneys' fees.

Let Dr. Settlement show you how www.SettlementCentral.com works for an easy maximum personal injury insurance settlement.

Getting necessary information and downloading appropriate forms is as easy as 1-2-3!

First, find the topic in the Members' Side Table of Contents.

Or by using our "search" function

Second, read over the material on the matter that you are seeking in order to fully understand the information. You should find that our members' side materials are very thorough, but easy to understand.

In addition to finding all of the necessary information that you were looking for on a certain topic, you may find that reading over a page leads you to even more helpful information to guide your case. For example, let's say that you read a page titled: "Medical Care Documentation, the Key to Successful Personal Injury Insurance Claim Settlements", and within that you read a TIP about use of NARRATIVE MEDICAL REPORTS to increase the value of our insurance claim. From your original page you can easily click on to the Narrative Medical Repots section and find out everything you need to know on that topic.

SIDEBAR TIPS: As you navigate your way through our members' side, be sure to watch for Dr. Settlement's helpful tips. He provides these "SideBar Tips" to help give the member a "heads up" advantage.

THIRD, select the appropriate form or letter, copy and paste it into a document, and PRESTO! You will be communicating EFFECTIVELY with the insurance adjuster and on the road to achieving a maximum personal injury settlement.

We provide you with complete expert guidance through the personal injury insurance claim process so you can DO IT YOURSELF and save a ton of money on attorneys' fees.

Isn't that what you are looking for-some EXPERT GUIDANCE through the personal injury insurance claim process so you can DO IT YOURSELF and save a ton of money on attorneys' fees?  

Did you know that practicing attorneys purchase memberships at www.SettlementCentral.com? We have attorney members who use our information and forms in their own practices and on their own injury claims! If our stuff is good enough for attorneys to buy it, wouldn't you agree that it is good enough to help you? A six month membership is only $99.95 total, for everything.

Benefit much more by becoming a www.SettlementCentral.com Member. Join Now! SettlementCentral.Com, Personal Injury Insurance Claim EXPERTS. and deal effectively with the insurance claim adjuster.