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SettlementCentral.Com Chiropractor Network:
Your Opportunity to Attract New Patients with Free Internet Exposure

INCREASE YOUR EXPOSURE ON THE INTERNET. There are over 400,000 searches monthly for keywords related to personal injury claims from vehicle accidents, animal attacks, and slip and fall incidents. SettlementCentral.Com (SCC) receives thousands of unique visitors monthly. Many of these people are looking for quality chiropractic care for treatment of personal injury trauma. Why not tap into some of that flow and get exposure on the leading site for self-help personal injury insurance claims: SettlementCentral.Com?

QUALIFY. If you are a chiropractor with substantial experience in working with personal injury victims and their insurance injury claims, you can qualify to be listed in your geographic area as a preferred chiropractic provider. On behalf of visitors to our site, we are interested in matching them up with quality chiropractic care from a doctor who knows how to stand up for the rights of his patients injured in accidents.

Think of all the people who will click on our information on chiropractic care, featured on our front page. The testimonials from our members are a strong endorsement regarding the benefits of chiropractic care.

BECOME LISTED IN YOUR STATE. Visitors will click on the link to the map that shows chiropractors by state. Why not have your name prominently displayed for your city or town and surrounding area? PLUS, you will have a FREE LISTING ON OUR RESOURCES PAGE LINKING DIRECTLY TO YOUR PRACTICE.

FREE. For our initial chiropractors, there is absolutely NO LISTING OR ONGOING FEE WHATSOEVER for your listing with us. This is strictly an introductory offer to our first chiropractors: we are doing this because we want to provide our visitors the information they need to recover—not just financially, but in good health as well. Access to the list of quality personal injury chiropractors is free to any one who visits

Interested? Here are some of the basics of the SettlementCentral.Com Chiropractic Network:

  1. INTERNET LISTING. The Chiropractic Network is a listing of qualified chiropractors who have treated personal injury victims and worked with their cases through the claims process. Doctors are listed two places on once in the search-by-Zip Code function, and once in the Links page with a direct connection to their practice.
  2. DISCOUNT CODE FOR PATIENTS (or any others he refers) TO BECOME MEMBERS AT SettlementCentral.Com. In order to encourage the doctor to make referrals to, s/he will be entitled to give patients (or any one else your staff may refer) a valuable discount code to be used to purchase a membership. How does it work? Once your application for a listing is approved, you will be given a discount code that allows the user a $15 discount off the membership price of $99.95. The doctor and staff are encouraged to give out the code to ANYONE who may benefit from membership, irrespective of whether or not they are patients.
  3. Each participating chiropractor shall be completely independent of SCC and shall be deemed neither an employee of SCC nor an independent contractor of SCC.
  4. Licensed to practice chiropractic within the state for which the Participating Chiropractor shall be listed.
  5. Maintain an active website and email address, and exchange mutual links.
  6. Payment to Chiropractor's Office. For each person (irrespective of whether or not a patient or someone who received the discount code having never even visited the doctor's office) who uses the doctor's discount code to become a member, will pay twenty dollars ($20) to the doctor's office. You can treat the payment as office income or give it to your staff as an incentive. Some doctors have used the money for staff luncheons, or intra-office gas money pools, etc.
  7. Hold Harmless Agreement. SCC agrees to defend and hold harmless Participating Chiropractor from any and all claims brought upon allegation of injury owing to content or information received from the SettlementCentral.Com website.
  8. You can quit any time you want to—no penalty of any sort will be sought. Just send thirty (30) days written notice, via e-mail to SCC and the Participating Chiropractor may terminate participation in the SCC Chiropractor Network.
  9. What to do now? If you think you are qualified, click on the link below and fill out the application to be listed as part of the SettlementCentral.Com Chiropractor Network.

NO SALES PEOPLE WILL CALL ON YOU for any other purpose, nor will your personal information be shared with anyone outside of SettlementCentral.Com. We GUARANTEE your COMPLETE PRIVACY as to the information you provide us.

APPLY NOW to become LISTED ON THE INTERNET with the SettlementCentral.Com Chiropractor Network.

Post Script: AFTER you have applied for membership, please return to this page and explore the following link, which is a Chiropractor Resource Page, containing letters and information for the doctor and the patient to fight the abusive insurance tactic of cutting of PIP payments for chiropractic care. There is no charge whatsoever: we just hope our materials will be of some use to patients who have had their PIP benefits cut off by an aggressive insurance adjuster.

Doctor of Chiropractic Special Resource Pages: The SettlementCentral.Com Chiropractor Network Presents THREE CHIROPRACTIC RESOURCE Pages for Your Use, all Dealing With PIP Insurance Adjuster Denial of Chiropractic Treatment Benefits to Injured Patients.